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The Key Questions for Developing Effective Mentoring Programs
Conceptual Frameworks for Mentoring & Mentor Programs
The Core Mentoring Principles
How Mentoring is the Critical "Bridge" for Successful Implementation
The 2 Kinds of Mentor Conversations Needed to Increase Performance & Results
The Strategic Mentoring Culture
The CBAM: A Model of the People Development Process
Example: A Three Year Long Mentoring/Induction Program
An Example of a District New Teacher Orientation Program
The Critical Interaction Between the Induction & Mentoring Programs
A New Teacher Mentoring Knowledge Base of Best Practices
Increasing Employee Retention or Reducing Attrition?
Assessment of New Teachers ?
Other Resources For Addressing Beginning Teacher Needs
Example: One District's Guidelines on Needs of Novice Teachers
A Model for Program Evaluation
Program Evaluation Questions and Assessment Strategies
Example: Training Needs Assessment
Defining the Distinctions Between Mentoring & Coaching
Examples of Mentor Roles and Tasks
Defining Mentor & Guide Roles
Example: Activity for Mentors & Principals to Identify Their Roles
Designing A Mentoring Job Description, Application and Contract
What Should Be the Configuration of Mentoring Support ?
Unique Variation of "Mentor" Selection: Selecting and Matching Guide Teachers
Using a Mentor Selection Process With Staged Criteria and Safety Checks
Possible Mentor Selection Criteria
What Really is a 'Trained' Mentor?
How To Develop an Effective Mentor Training
A Suggested 3 Day Mentoring and Coaching Agenda
Mentor & Induction Program Coordinator Roles
Lessons Learned as a Mentor Program Coordinator
The Mentoring of Mentors Process in a Nutshell
Using a "Mentoring Time & Activity Log"
An Example of a Plan For the Mentoring Year
Dialogue Journels: A Mentor Growth Tool
Other Resources on the Benefits of Mentoring
Strategies for Sustaining A Mentoring Program
Two Ways Mentoring Can Improve Teaching & Student Learning
Selling The Board the Benefits of and Need for an Effective Induction Program
The Research in Mentoring and Induction
The Research on New Teacher and Mentor Peer Support Groups
The Research on Finding the TIME for Induction
13 Ways of Providing TIME for Mentoring
Finding The Time For Staff Development
Formal or Informal Mentoring?
Great Professional Development Quotes
Goals of Staff Development Program
A Matrix for Planning Comprehensive Professional Development Programs
Mentoring Incentives Support & Recognition
Survey: What's Happening in Mentoring & Induction in Each of the United States?
TeleMentoring Resources
Principles of Adult Learning
Advice to Novice Teachers From Mentors
The Essential High Impact Mentoring Strategy
The New Teacher Mentoring Process: A Working Model
Mentoring in a Specific Subject or Grade Level
Trust Building in Mentoring Relationships
The Need for a Coaching Program Coordinator
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Barry's "Administrators & Supervisors as Mentors" Training
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The Developmental Mentoring Continuum
The Best Practice Framework for "High Impact" Mentoring Programs
Assisting First Year Teachers with Class Management
Mentoring of Mentors: Training Program Leaders to Ensure High Impact Mentoring
The "High Impact Mentor Strategies Training"
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