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This web page has the publications on mentoring, induction and coaching which are for sale.

Caution: While some of this information is not available in Barry's newest book, that book is the most current information available, and it places all the information in the context of improving teacher and student performances. If you need to achieve that goal, you should consider buying that book along with any items below for the full picture.

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INDEX for the categories :
Designing Mentoring & Induction Programs
Mentor Training Manuals and Training Materials
Other Materials That Support Mentor Training
Help for People Working in Mentoring & Induction
Administration and Mentoring Leadership
Mentor Program Evaluation/Teacher Needs Assessment
Peer Observation & Coaching


The BEST and most current and complete information on program development is available in Barry's newest book "Leading the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program: 2nd Edition" available from Corwin Press (2008). The info in that book is equally valuable for:
Designing and implementing a NEW teacher mentoring and induction program
Improving the impact on teaching and student learning by an EXISTING induction program.
Additional Help for Mentor-Induction Program Design & Refinement

Item # Publication Title Cost & Order Check Box
H. Proven Advice on Development & Use of Needs Assessment in New Teacher Induction & Mentoring $17

The BEST and most current information on Barry's very engaging "High Impact Mentor Training" is available in his newest book "Leading the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program: 2nd Edition" available from Corwin Press, but it does not include the following materials.

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