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Category - Mentor Program Evaluation and Employee Assessment
Item H
Some Proven Advice About Development & Use of Needs Assessment in New Teacher Induction & Mentoring Programs

Samples and explanations for starting collection of data on new teacher needs for early & later program planning & then on how to use the same data to evaluate program effectiveness over time. This is what you need if you want to demonstrate the value of your program!

15 pages
Price $17

Item #99
An Example of a Typical Mentoring & Coaching Training Needs Assessment

How to design a needs assessment and get multiple value out of the same data. This paper will show you how to create & score a pre-post training needs assessment instrument, and how to interpret the data to guide training planning & demonstrate learning. Includes examples of an instrument, the data it collected, the conclusions reached from the data, the training evaluation and data. There's nothing like a good example to show you how to do this yourself.

10 pages
Price $12 Items #99 & #100 are different, although some of the advice is similar.

Item #100
A Coaching Strategies Training Self-Assessment Packet

Access a copy of a pre-post coaching training instrument, ways to increase the reliability of the data, tally sheets for data collection, advice on how to calculate results from the tally and for interpretation of the data, three examples of participant responses, and an example of data collected and used for prioritizing training topics. Use this information to plan and lead trainings that exactly target your adult learners' needs.

13 pages
Price $15 Items #99 & #100 are different, although some of the advice is similar.
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Item # 53
Plans & Samples For Mentor Program Evaluation

Includes program evaluation plans and sample program evaluations by classroom & student support services mentors & proteges from two successive years in the author's mentor program. The first year evaluations were by mentors who worked with both beginning teachers and new but experienced teachers, in a program with few expectations and a half day of mentor training. That evaluation data showed the need to increase the support provided by the mentor program for just beginning teachers.The next year these changes were made and the resulting year end evaluations are also included, showing sample results from mentors and proteges working in the improved program. Use these to design your evaluations to show better results from program improvements.

27 pages
Price $15
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