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Ocean Drive Resource Center

Teachers Mentors Education Outreach Center is launching a new facility on Ocean Drive offering a wide variety of resources to area educators in elementary, secondary and higher education.

Speaking at a Miami-Dade school board meeting in May 2012, School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho boasted that "out of 990 high schools in the state of Florida, we have no fewer than 25 schools in the top 100 right here in Miami-Dade." Making an effort to help all area schools reach their maximum potential, Teachers Mentors has announced the launch of the first Educator's Resource Center on Ocean Drive in South Beach.

Teachers Mentors makes vital personal connections with motivated teachers who want to expand their areas of influence, make more informed choices in their education plans and work smarter on a day-to-day basis to benefit each one of their students.

The Ocean Drive Resource Center provides a welcoming atmosphere designed to aid interested educators in training, coaching and professional development. Teachers Mentors has announced plans to expand its network in South Florida to more than a dozen easy to access locations across the state. Providing performance assessments, targeted workshops, and convenient summer refreshers, Teachers Mentors is dedicated to optimizing teacher performance and improving the rankings of all Florida schools.

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