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In-Depth Advice, Support & Consulting
We can provide information and advice through cost-effective, in-depth & on-target consultation, planning, and problem solving at your site, OR ...

We can consult on the telephone and get a great deal done very inexpensively because there are no travel costs.

We can work on projects for you at our office. Usually we will meet with or call people before doing the project to gather the info we need to do the project well and to ensure the result will meet your needs and expectations. Such projects might include:

Program evaluation. We have over 20 years of experience at the school, district, intermediate center, and state level in doing these kinds of projects. Click here to see an example of one project.

Critiquing your induction or mentoring program, program evaluation plan, or program improvement plan and providing suggestions that will improve the impact of that plan. This was a big part of my work at the intermediate service center level for six years and we are well known for helping others develop plans that actually result in improvement of teaching and student learning.

We can do many different kinds of development, planning, evaluating, and project proposals.

Call us to discuss your needs.
Click here to see our client list, background and experience, and some of the kinds of projects on which we have been working.

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