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What people have recently said:

About Barry's Expertise and Assistance

"Barry, thanks for what you have done for our district and our mentor program. We've had the program for 10 years and felt proud of what we have accomplished. However, your Best Practices Conference and mentoring materials gave us the jump start we needed to revitalize us. Our strongest mentors have once again become "mentor magnets" attracting other veteran teachers into the ranks of new teacher advocates. (PS. I love that term "mentor magnets"! It says just what we want it to be.) - Sandy Nobles, Director of Instructional Initiatives, Richardson ISD, Texas.

"We found Barry Sweeny right at the point when we were trying to figure out how to improve our mentoring program to make it a full induction program. Barry's wonderful advice and materials were invaluable to us in this challenging transformation. We especially love his mentoring styles inventory and mentor training ideas!" - Sharon Mullen, Staff Development Department, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, December 1999.

"As the mentor coordinator for a brand new mentoring program with over 700 mentors, guides, and proteges, I learned quickly that you may have only one chance to get it right. Thank goodness I discovered Barry Sweeny and listened to his advice!

- Mary Hasl, Mentor Coordinator, Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado

On Target Assistance - "Wow, Barry! You gave me all that I needed and more! It is like you are reading my mind. This only goes to prove that you are very experienced and therefore, right on target. Thanks again, for all the input." - Fern Cohen

"Barry, I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you provided at the Houston TX Focus Conference. I heard numerous positive comments from your audience before we headed back to Austin and also excitement about your ideas. We were very pleased. During the presentation, it was easy to see that the participants were engaged in your topics. Thank you ever so much for all the effort and thought you put into it to adapt to our special educators. I'm really glad that I now know about all the resources you provide. You WILL be hearing from me again."
- Ruth Ann Marsh, State-Wide Mentor Coordinator, TX School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Austin, TX

"I cannot thank you enough for your reply and your great advice to my questions about mentoring. You have given me many ideas that I want to explore more. I really appreciate your caring enough to respond and share with me some of your expert knowledge. As I continue to work in mentoring I will use your advice and hopefully can continue to correspond with you. Thanks again for the wonderful advice!" - Jeanna Weldon, Athens Georgia

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Projects on Which Barry Has Worked:
Goals 2000 Grant Program Evaluation - Hired as external evaluator, designed and conducted a year-long evaluation of a complex staff development program. The program coordinator, Adrianne Roggenbuck, of the Professional Development Alliance, Joliet Illinois stated, "Barry, the evaluation looks great! Marge, Beth and I are impressed and pleased with the work you have done on the evaluation design. I am finally sure that we will be able to gather the relevant data we need to help us with improving our impact and our planning for next year."

Grant Writing - "Barry recently worked with us to develop the most difficult part of our recent FY 2000 Illinois Secretary of State Literacy Volunteers Grant. His part of the grant was the program goals, outcomes, activities, and evaluation components. We were so pleased with his work and the quality of his writing because these parts are the core of the proposal, around which we had to build all the rest of the project, and his work made ours go so well. Also, Barry was prompt in meeting our short time line for completion and was a pleasure to work with. We certainly feel we got our moneys worth and more, and will definately be using Barry again on other projects". - Ms. Pamela Meadows, Director of Education Services, World Relief DuPage.

About Barry's Staff Development Materials
 "Barry, Thanks so much for sharing your excellent induction information with others. You must be a super person!"
- Dr. Doris Henderson, Director , Department of Profesional Induction & Success, Guilford Public Schools, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! The mentoring materials you sent me were great. I can't wait to share them, as they were just what we needed. I sure appreciate your support." - Nyana Sims, teacher leader, Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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About Barry's Own Web Site: Best Practice Resources

"Wow! You are truly the GURU of mentoring and yours is by far the best of all the mentoring web sites. What a resource you are for mentors and mentoring programs! It has been a pleasure working with you."
-Rita Stringfellow, Assistant Director, South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment, Rock Hill, SC.

"Your web site has been really helpful to me as we began our mentor program for new teachers in our district. We so, wanted to be sure it would be successful. Thanks for helping us reach that goal!"
-Sharon Morgan, Bargaining Chair, NEA -Los Lunas, New Mexico

"I just found your web site and I feel like I found a GOLD MINE! Thank you for providing this information. I will be revisiting soon and often!" - Carol Pulsfus, Staff Development Coordinator, CESA #5, Portage Wisconsin

Web Site -"While doing some searching, I ran across a link to your work on mentoring. I was excited! I found huge amounts of material on what I needed for my own work on new teacher mentorships, and I keep coming back to garner more information. Thank you!"

- John Morrow, Abbottsford School District, British Columbia, Canada

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