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The Strategic Mentoring Culture

Formal mentoring programs that have a high impact on the effectiveness of mentoring, the quality of teaching, the success of students, and attainment of organizational goals, all have a number of common elements.

Creating such results is why each organization needs to become a learning community, or as this author asserts, a "Strategic Mentoring Culture". This structure is "strategic" because every component of it is designed and carried out as a "strategy" to achieve the desired results. People don't just do the required activities. They understand why the activities are needed relative to the goals and they do what's needed because of their personal commitment to achieve those goals.

In a Strategic Mentoring Culture there needs to be:
Expert - Novice mentoring at every level of practice and within the program

Peer - to - peer mentoring at every level of practice and within the program

ONE set of common mentoring strategies implemented at all five of the levels of the program
The diagram to the right shows what the first two elements of that culture are like. Every person should be involved in both kinds of mentoring, both giving and receiving support for growth and improvement.

Below on this page is an illustration of what the complete Strategic Mentoring Culture looks like. Each arrow represents the dialogue described above.

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