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 Item #68

Individual Professional Development Plans & Professional Development Portfolios

Ideas for the structure and content of professional development plans & portfolios for supporting and documenting professional growth. Provides a discussion of the issues & options, the purposes, the challenges, and some recommendations for their effective use.

 8 pages
 Price $7.00  
 Item #69

How Staff Development is Connected to Student Learning

A paper that describe the critical links to make and how to do staff development so as to be sure to also improve teaching and student learning. Get clear advice to increase your impact!

 2 pages
 Price $3.00  
 Item #70

The History of Staff Development: Getting Better at Getting Better

A quick and insightful review of the last 20 years in professional development. Not a literature review, this narrative tells the story about the steps we have taken and what we've been learning about how to improve our own learning. You can use this paper to place your own program into the continuum and see what you need to do next to improve the program.

 2 pages
 Price $3.00  
 Item # 71

Some Seasoned Advice for Planning Staff Development

Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned staff developer who has learned some significant lessons from the school of hard knocks. Avoid mistakes and plan powerful programs that have the impact that you want.

 4 pages
 Price $ 6.00