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 Category - Designing & Refining Induction Programs

 Item # 59

Advice & Samples of Plans for New Teacher Staff Development Programs

A collection of models from two programs, issues to consider to achieve effective results, and suggestions about ways to successfully implement NT staff development.

 # of pages = 6  
Price $8  
 Item # 60

Tools to Increase Reflection & Self-Understanding: Facilitating the Transition from Student to Teacher.

A discussion of the changes in thinking necessary to become a teacher, how to use journals & case studies to promote reflection on & challenging of old ideas about teaching, learning & schools that are left over from our student days.

 # of pages = 4  
Price $5  
 Item # 79

The New Teacher Journal

Use this journal to prompt new teacher reflection and goal setting for improvement now and into next year. Appropriate for use during:

  • New teacher support groups
  • New teacher staff development
  • All by itself as an individual tool for reflection & planning.
 # of pages = 16  
 Price $13  
 Item # 84

Three Great Ways to Incorporate "Words from the Wise" Into Your New Teacher Orientation and Training

Here are 3 very easy variations of a strategy to capture the wisdom that mentors and novice teachers learn in practice and be sure that every one else gains from those lessons. Use the power of the peer group to influence everyone toward best practice.

 3 pages  
 Price $ 4.00    
  Item # 85

Ideas for a New Teacher "Survival Guide" & Other New Teacher Supports

Is a Novice Teacher "Survival" Guide a good idea, or are there better ways to support new teacher success with a book of resources? Access the author's learning from working with hundreds of programs on this challenge. What to do & what to avoid.

 2 pages  
 Price $3.00    
  Item # 86

Classroom Management Advice for New Teachers,

Here is the BASIC info to guide new teacher planning for class management (that is provided in the mentor training manuals), AND additional information and examples for how to start with extrinsic motivations and move to build intrinsic motivations into the class management system. This is advice every teacher needs!

 7 pages  
 Price $8.00