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   Category - Help for Mentors  
 Item #43
The Mentoring Journal:
Capturing Our Good Intentions and Planning How to Implement Them

Designed to prompt mentors into reflection and goal setting on their own work as a mentor, starting from the initial training and continuing all through the rest of the year. Helps mentors improve their mentoring each time the do it. Can also be collected to capture data about lessons learned for use in program refinement and improving the mentor training. Suitable for mentoring trainings, mentor peer support groups, and individual activities the rest of the year too.

 20 pages
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 Item #44

Lessons From New Teacher Mentors in Cross-Grade & Cross-Subject Settings

Pages full of quotes from mentors and the WISDOM gained through their experience. Discusses the tougher issues of assigning and working as a mentor in less-than-ideal situations. Explains what cross-grade and cross-subject mentors have learned about making less-than-ideal matches work successfully! These insights and lessons are very helpful for all mentors too.

 3 pages
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 Item #45

Great Ideas for Formally Recognizing Your Mentors

We all know we should do it, but we often don't make it happen. Learn how to plan a recognition event, what some options are, and what to say that honors mentors but doesn't negatively set up mentors with their colleagues. Find out how to conduct the events, use powerful quotes, and share mentoring experiences that will have the maximum positive impact on decision makers who haven't experienced mentoring themselves. Got a superintendent and a Board of Education who need to learn reasons to support mentoring? Follow the advice in this paper and increase their support!

 7 pages
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 Item #46

The Mentor's Oath

We are a profession, right? What do we profess? Here's a suggestion that incorporates the principles and commitments from Barry Sweeny's mentor training. Make being a mentor a mission, not just a job!

 1 page
 Price $1.00  CAUTION - Also in item #95 below.
 Item #47

A Set of Three Mentoring Greeting Cards

These cards are suitable for mentors to give their proteges. Gives mentors a fun way to remind proteges that "Whenever you need help, remember me", and "Characteristics of great mentors and the help we can provide" (male & female versions).

 3 pages
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 Item #95

Advice for Designing a Mentor Job Description, Application & Contract,

Don't just write a job description, application, or contract. Find out how to relate these three documents to the characteristics of effective mentors, and mentors roles & tasks so that your documents promote quality mentoring & better results!

 7 pages
 Price $9.00