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The most comprehensive & practical assessment guide available!
 Item #75.

"Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey"

This outstanding guide has been refined over 6 years through its use with hundreds of schools. This is the 2nd edition of Barry Sweeny's guide for developing, refining, and using performance assessments in schools.

"Road Maps" provides everything you need:

  • Process "maps" for writing standards and to help you decide which way to develop assessments
  • User-friendly templates and examples for task and rubric development
  • Forms for checking reliability, validity, and fairness
  • Process guides for field testing and piloting
  • Process "maps" for refining the quality of your assessments
  • Advice for using performance-based tasks and rubrics in your classroom in ways that will improve your teaching and the students' performance.

"Road Maps" has been acclaimed by hundreds of workshop participants, college professors, state departments of education, and staff developers in major school districts across the USA.

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 # of pages = 150

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 Category - Assessment of Student Learning

 Item # 72
A Practitioner's Knowledge Base of
Best Practices For Performance Assessment

WOW! 22 categories of the lessons learned by a national trainer & consultant in assessment who has worked with staff from hundreds of schools. Contains concise statements which address each aspect of developing, refining, and using quality performance assessments to improve teaching and learning.

 # of pages = 19  
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 Item # 73

Is There Evidence That Rubrics Help? (Improve teaching and learning)

Explains what the issues are and points to some sources for evidence.

 # of pages = 2  
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 Item # 74
Some Tried & Proven
Assessment Planning & Development Resources

Includes overheads, charts, planning guides, and system structures to guide development of performance assessments & use of the resulting data for school improvement.

 # of pages = 10  
 Price $9  


"Wow, I really found your training at NSDC and the book Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey to be an incredible resource for teachers. We want to order a set of 45 to use in training our staff this summer.: - Tom Swenson, Director of Staff Development, Madison Metro School District, Madison, Wisconsin.

"I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with all your good work , especially your "Road Maps" performance assessment handbook. The hands-on worksheets are exactly what many teachers have asked for. The creativity and attention to detail is outstanding ! What a valuable resource you are for educators." -Susan Morrison, Manager, School Improvement Division, Illinois State Board of Education

"I found your conference presentation and your book Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey to be the best assessment book for teachers I have seen yet. We want copies for all our teacher teams, and we want you to do a training for them." - George Issacson, Staff Developer, Chicago Teachers' Academy for Mathematics and Science

"Barry, I have reviewed your book Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey and have really been impressed! I want 25 copies so I can use it as the text for the assessment course I am teaching in March. This is just what our teachers need." - Dr. Linda O'Neill, Aurora University, MAT Cohort Program, Aurora, Illinois