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Item #94

"The Induction Program Leaders Kit" - What you need to know

This KIT gives you a collection of 17 items! Everything you need to know to be a very effective teacher induction program leader.

Contains all the items listed separately below, including:

  • Item #19 - "Strategies for Sustaining a Mentoring Program"
  • Item #27 - "Research on the Need/ Benefits of Providing Induction Program Leadership Development"
  • Item #38 - "Sample Orientation Programs & Schedules For New Teachers"
  • Item #44 - "Lessons From New Teacher Mentors in Cross-Grade & Cross-Subject Settings"
  • Item #45 - "Ideas for Formally Recognizing Your Mentors"
  • Item #48 -"Suggestions for the Mentor Program Coordinator"
  • Item #49 - "Mentoring of New Teachers: Help for Administrators"
  • Item #50 - "Some Ideas Concerning the Mentoring of New Administrators"
  • Item #51 - "Holding Mentors Accountable for Mentoring"
  • Item #52 - "Inappropriate Mentor Behaviors: What To Do When Mentors Coach or Supervise, But Not Mentor."
  • Item #53 - "Plans & Samples For Mentor Program Evaluation"
  • Item #54 - "Some Tentative Mentoring Standards: Guidance for Mentor Program Self-Evaluation and Refinement"
  • Item #58 - "How To Develop a Staff Evaluation AND Staff Development System"
  • Item #59 - "Advice & Samples of Plans for New Teacher Staff Development Programs"
  • Item #80 - "Eighteen Strategies for Your Improvement as a Mentor Leader"
  • Item #84 - "3 Great Ways to Incorporate 'Words from the Wise' Into New Teacher Orientation & Training"
  • Item #85 - "Ideas for a New Teacher "Survival Guide" & Other New Teacher Supports"
 Approx. # of pages = 110

Price $99

A savings of $23 over the cost of buying all the parts listed separately.


 Item #48

Suggestions for the Mentor Program Coordinator

Includes a coordinator job description, explains the need for a mentoring & peer coaching program coordinator, provides sample letters to mentors & guides, and advice to the coordinator on how to "mentor the mentors" to facilitate mentor growth.

 17 pages
 Price $15.00  
 Item #49

Mentoring of New Teachers: Help for Administrators

A selection from other materials that is designed just for administrators. Includes check lists to coordinate mentor & administrator roles, mentor logs, mentoring action plans, ideas for finding time, communication cautions for mentors, principal & proteges, and ideas for linking a quality mentoring program to the School Improvement Process.

 18 pages
 Price $15.00  
 Item #51

Holding Mentors Accountable for Mentoring

Discussion of the issues involved in getting mentors to provide the service to new teachers that the NT need and the school district expects the mentors to provide. Explains some of the problems that lead to programs adopting increased mentor accountability and provides suggestions for how to address the real, but underlying causes. Includes a "Mentoring Log" and advice about how to use it without causing negative reaction from the mentors.

 8 pages
 Price $9.00  
 Item #52
Inappropriate Mentor Behaviors:
What To Do With Mentors Who Will Coach or Supervise, But Not Mentor.

Don't wait until you have a problem with an inappropriate mentor. Be proactive! Learn how to ensure that mentor behaviors are appropriate to the needs of new teachers and that mentors do not act like administrators, or assert their own personal agendas. If an issue has arisen, get this advice from the expert on how to solve problems with mentors whose actions are not what the program intended.

 2 pages
 Price $3.00  
 Item # 80

 Eighteen Strategies for Your Improvement as a Mentor Leader

If you are a mentor program coordinator, a mentor of mentors, or an administrator responsible for the mentoring program, this paper is for you. Here are 18 very specific things you need to do if you want to be able to and earn the right to truly lead the mentor program. Ready? Set ! Grow!

 3 pages
 Price $5.00  
 Item # 96

An Expert's Advice: Finding FUNDS to Support Staff Development,

The author has been successful on 25 out of 26 competitive grants he has written! Find out his secrets for:

  • Accessing greater district resources
  • Locating appropriate grant funding sources
  • Writing winning grant proposals
  • Program evaluation considerations in grant proposals
 9 pages of great tips & models to use
 Price $12  
 Item #97

Marketing Mentoring: Strategies for the Bottom Line,

These are the amazing strategies you need to be sure you can demonstrate the impact of your program in terms that decision makers will understand and VALUE! Worksheets, a process to guide you, and critical vocabulary to use for success with the top level of your organization.

10 pages
 Price $12.00  
 Item #98

Administrative Strategies for the Challenges of New Teacher Support & Success

FINALLY! The answers for 13 of the biggest problems that administrators (especially principals) must solve to provide better support for new teachers and mentors. If you are a induction program coordinator, find out how to take away principals' excuses for not providing support to induction participants. Practical problem solving and best practices all in one place.

 13 pages
 Price $18.00