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Barry Sweeny
Consultant, Presenter & Keynoter, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach & Author

26 W 413 Grand Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187, 630-668-2605
e-mail is [email protected]

Limited Free Advice
In-Depth Advice & Consulting
Delivery of a Keynote, Training, or Presentation at Your Site
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Limited Free Advice

1. I am motivated to help as many people as much as I can. Since I often receive as many as 15 requests for help and advice a day, that means I must limit the time spent giving advice on questions I have already answered in a publication. When I get a request that I have not previously written about, I will answer that request by writing a paper on that topic, and then make that paper available to everyone. So...

2. Check my Publications List, order, and read the papers that I have written to capture my experience and advice. These papers are listed:

3. If you do not find written advice on your question, contact me by E-MAIL for limited free advice
4. Phone me AFTER you have checked and read the relevant written materials FIRST. My home office is 630-668-2605.
If you are an educator, I will gladly help you for FREE for about 30 MINUTES. If what you seek is more in-depth consultation, that costs $1 per minute after the free 30 minutes is used up.

5. You can also write to me AFTER you have checked and read the relevant written materials FIRST.

Barry Sweeny, 26 W 413 Grand Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187

In-Depth Advice & Consulting

I can provide information and advice through cost-effective, in-depth & on-target consultation, planning, and problem solving at your site, OR ...

We can consult together on the telephone and get a great deal done very inexpensively because there are no travel costs. If you are an educator, I will give you the first 30 minutes for FREE and then I charge $1 a minute (which is $60 per hour of course). Call me at 630-668-2605. If I am not available, leave a message suggesting a couple of times I can call you back and describing the information you want so I can be prepared. The cost is the same even if you have a speaker phone with a whole group listening.

I can work on projects for you at my own office. Usually I will meet with or call people before doing the project to gather the info I need to do the project well and to ensure the result will meet your needs and expectations. I charge $ 60 an hour for shorter projects and $50 an hour for projects that take more than 5 hours. Such projects might include:

Click here to see my client list, background and experience, and some of the kinds of projects on which I have been working.

What others say who have used my services.

Delivery of a Keynote, Training, or Presentation at Your Site

Click here to see the list of topics on which I can train or present.

Click here to find out what others say about my trainings and presentations.

You Can Travel To & Attend My Trainings or Conferences
Periodically I sponsor trainings and conferences which draw educators from all over the world. For example, during August 11-14, 1998, I sponsored a four day conference on "Best Practices in New Teacher Mentoring and Induction". This conference includes people from numerous states in the USA and educators from as far away as Singapore! See my home page for info on my next conference on mentoring.

I provide dozens of different courses, presentations, workshops, keynotes, and conferences on each of the topics in which I specialize:

If you are interested in attending one of these upcoming events CLICK HERE for more information.

My Fee Structure

Click here if you want to know how much I charge for the work I do.

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