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Road Maps For The Performance Assessment Journey

A Description of the Road Maps-Performance Assessment Training:

This training has been designed to help educators learn the best practices I have learned in developing authentic performance-based assessments with dozens of schools. However, the focus is not just on how to develop assessments, but also on how to do so in a way that results in greater instructional consensus and focus, and in improved teaching and student learning.

The initial part of the workshop ensures that participants consider best practices in instruction as they begin to develop assessments. People select an assessment project and work in small teams to access any existing assessment samples for that topic, analyze the existing instructional tasks which address the student learning outcomes/content standards, and use the guidelines in a book with more than 120 pages of samples, ideas, and templates to guide the work.

The emphasis is on creating formative, classroom assessments which are integrated into instruction and which help teachers learn new strategies for performance-based teaching and learning.

How many days long is the training?

2 DAYS - This experience is most powerful when it is a 2 day training & includes activities to develop projects & assessment project critiques by the presenter.

1 DAY - An abbreviated version can be done and includes the powerful tools and lessons I offer but only a few activities.


Each participant needs this book for the training. Click here to find out about purchasing the book "Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey". Quantity discounts are available. Just ask.


The "Road Maps" training has been done for dozens of schools nation-wide and at major national professional conferences. Here are some of the comments from participants in the "Road Maps" training.

"Barry, you have done an amazing job of putting together so many quality, practical materials together. I wish I had this material and your guidance three years ago. Thanks!!"

"Of the about 20 presentations I have attended on performance assessment over the years, Barry's "Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey" was the most complete and thoughtful I have ever heard!"

"An excellent presentation style and visuals. The handouts were well organized and superb. What a great resource."

"While this was excellent, Barry and his ideas deserve a thorough and in-depth exploration and a wider audience. I recommend that NSDC schedule him at the next conference for two days."


Barry Sweeny can also provide one or two day workshops on:

Click here to find out about purchasing the book "Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey" which has been used as the text for graduate assessment classes and as the handout for the assessment training workshop described above.

Click here to find out more about my consultation & training services

School Improvement Team Trainings

The ONE DAY SIP trainings Barry provides include:

ONE DAY SIP Workshops specifically for ILLINOIS Schools:


A Description of the SIP Trainings:
ONE DAY SIP trainings:

I have been involved in the school improvement planning process for about 15 years. During the six years from 1992-98 SIP planning has been my full time responsibility. I have worked long term with over two hundred schools from rural, to suburban, to inner city settings. I know how to energize teachers to work at the SIP process, to focus time and resources in the most effective way, and to help you establish a SIP process that results in real, sustainable improvements in teaching and student learning.

"Best Practices in School Improvement Planning"

Best practice is not just a conceptual "trip" that explores the best ways to plan for school improvement. This Best Practice Workshop is structured to help you clearly see how to plan school improvements that actually can happen, that actually improve teaching and learning in the areas you target for improvement. You will learn how to evaluate your SIP plan for missing components that best practice suggests are critical for success. You will learn how to revise your SIP plan to eliminate wasted time and resources and to concentrate your time and efforts on making meaningful changes really happen. Your SIP team or administrative team will become confident, focused, committed, and successful.

"Planning Improvement That Happens: Mapping and Refining Your School Improvement Plan"

This is a very "hands-on" experiential workshop. After you learn what best practice tells us makes for a powerful and effective SIP plan be prepared to cut up, reorganize and color code an actual copy of your school's SIP plan. When that is done you will identify and fill critical gaps in your plan, eliminate wasted efforts and unimportant parts of the plan, and define your next steps to share the revised SIP plan with your whole staff. You will receive advice about how to share the SIP work you have done and to enlist the support of your whole school community for your SIP plan. Leave the workshop with most of the work done for writing your next SIP plan.

"Integrating ALL Your Improvement Efforts Under One Plan"

Do you have a technology plan, a SIP plan, a Title 1 school-wide improvement plan, and other improvement initiatives that are all driving you nuts? Bring all those other plans and requirements to this workshop and learn how to develop ONE school improvement plan that will be sufficient for all those other needs. Get some focus for your efforts to improve teaching and student learning in your school. Simple? Yes! Easy? No. Worth it? Very!

"How to Use Analysis of Your School's Data to Guide Setting and Accomplishing SIP Goals"

This workshop is the remedy for all these concerns and problems. Bring your SIP data and actually work on it by using the presenter's summary charts. Create data displays which will allow you to see patterns in the data that reveal your best improvement opportunities. Follow a proven process to identify SIP goals and plan activities that effectively target those goals. Leave the workshop with an outline for your next year's improvement efforts and the confidence you have always wanted in SIP planning.

ONE DAY SIP Workshops specifically for ILLINOIS Schools:

I was the School Improvement and Quality Review consultant at ESC #4 from 1992-95 and at Kane County ROE from 1995-98. During those same years I worked with ISBE Quality Assurance staff to advise them on refinement and implementation of the ISBE process. I was asked by ISBE on several occassions to do presentations on these topics for a number of audiences, including my own ROE colleagues. I have also been invited to present on these topics at numerous regional and state-wide conferences and administrative academies.

I am an expert in helping schools to use the Illinois SIP process and Quality Assurance Reviews as a "lever" to focus their on-going school improvement efforts, time, and resources and to accomplish what the school desires for it's own teaching and learning processes. If you are concerned about the performance of your school, about the SIP model you are using, about the eventual Quality Review visit, or just about being the most effective faculty you can be, I am the consultant you need.

"Aligning Your School's Improvement Process to the Illinois Internal Review Expectations"

Starting in the summer of 1999 your District Superintendent must sign an ISBE assurance form that YOU have conducted your required annual "Internal Review". This workshop will prepare you to do that Internal Review. School improvement planning, however, does not have to be a "hoop" through which you must jump. This workshop will help you to see how to modify what you are already doing in your school's SIP process so that it builds on your current momentum and focus, remains reasonable and practical, and yet still meets the ISBE expectations for alignment with the Internal Quality Assurance Process.

"Benefits or Just Survival? Preparing for the Illinois Quality Assurance External Visit"

Every few years each Illinois school must undergo an ISBE Quality Assurance External Team visit. You can attend the state training or not and still approach the visit as an ordeal to endure, or you can provide this workshop to help your staff discover how to make the external visit a powerful professional experience that accelerates the movement of your faculty and school in the direction you really know you want it to go! This workshop will help you see how to make the whole experience a positive force that you can direct and use.

This workshop prepares teachers and administrators to become proactive in preparing for and gaining many benefits from the External Quality Assurance visit. You will see what you can do to minimize stress and concerns, minimize wasted time and effort, and maximize the impact of the visit on teaching and student learning in your school. Instead of preparing for the External QA visit and then going back to school as usual afterwards, this workshop will help you see how to use the visit to really improve your school and establish permanant and positive improvements in the ways you work together and the ways that you teach.

Participant Comments:

"This workshop was so valuable! I have really come to understand what the SIP process is and how it can help us improve teaching and learning. Thanks! I can't wait to work with you when you come to our school this fall." - Teacher, District 101, Batavia, IL

"How practical and helpful your materials and advice were. I now see how this can be a continual improvement process. I finally understand why we are doing this." Teacher, U46, Elgin, IL

"How great to get this work done and feel successful too. I am finally comfortable as a teacher on the SIP team who has to lead the rest of the staff through the SIP process and involve them all in it." - Teacher, Streamwood HS, Streamwood, IL.

"This workshop is the first time in years that I have remembered why I first became a teacher. The SIP is not the principal's problem, or the SIP team's problem. I know now how it can become our school's way of helping all our children to succeed! This is true empowerment, because I really believe that we can do this together and I am finally glad that I am on the SIP team." - Teacher, Union Leader, Aurora, IL.

"This workshop was very helpful. I walked in here with no clue of what we were here for and I am walking out of here with an excellent understanding of what is expected of our school, our SIP team, and me. Thank you for clearly showing us the way." - New SIP Team Member, Batavia, IL

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