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The NCREL Carole Fine Professional Development Internship
This opportunity is an eight-week summer internship which offers one outstanding teacher an opportunity to work side by side with other professionals on the forefront of educational research and development.
Potential projects include designing professional development programs and resources, creating high-tech educational products, evaluating innovative programs, or conducting educational policy analyses.
Visit the NCREL web site to learn more about this great professional development activity and to access an application. The web site is at<>.

The Annual Conference of the Association of Teacher Educators has many sessions on staff development, school improvement, and improving instruction. This year the conference is in Chicago, Illinois over the weekend of Feb. 14th, 1999. To find out about the conference go to the ATE web site.

The Annual Conference of the National Staff Development Council (NSDC). One of the best conferences available. Includes great preconference sessions, and hundreds of practical day-long or shorter sessions by persons sharing their experience and lessons learned. The conference is usually the first week of December each year. Contact NSDC at-

Be sure to check out the NSDC Staff Developers Academy. This is the best place I know to build your skills as a newer staff developer. The Academy is ususally a two year commitment. You attend the annual conference and a summer academy for a few days, work with an outstanding faculty, are assigned a mentor based on your personal Academy growth goals, and build a super relationship and network with other Academy participants.

NSDC Programs include the Academy for Staff Developers, joint institutes with PDK, workshop planning, and technical assistance. Get more information at-

The Annual Conference of the Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD), will be held in San Francisco, California in March 6-9th, 1999. This is a huge conference with many presentations on school improvement and staff development. Contact ASCD at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or at

The ASCD Staff Development Institutes are run all year long on current staff development and teaching strategies topics which can be registered for by contacting ASCD at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or at

The 5th Annual Model Schools Conference, by the International Center for Leadership in Education , is focused on professional development and school improvement, many activities featuring Bill Daggett, but then this is his organization. The Center conducts well-respected conferences, publishes materials, and provide consultation, all for a hefty fee. (He is Bill Daggett after all!) Their last conference cost was $425 per person. At 219 Liberty St. Schenectady, new York 12305 (518)377-6878 and

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