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Performance Assessment Workshops
By Barry Sweeny:


"Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey" Training:

I frequently lead 1, 2 and 3 day "Road Maps" assessment trainings for school districts and other agencies or businesses. I can schedule one for you. If you plan to conduct your own assessment training but want to see how I do mine, contact me and perhaps I can arrange for you to attend and to observe one of the trainings I am already doing.

- As demand requires I will also sponsor & conduct assessment trainings which are open to anyone and which are not for any specific client. Contact me if you are interested in such an event, or keep checking here for an announcement.

Click here to see what others say about the "Road Maps" book and training.

Click here to see my "Road Maps" assessment training book.

Click here for info about training & consulting services I provide and more details about the content of my mentor training.

Workshops & Conferences by Others:

The 5th Annual Model Schools Conference, by the International Center for Leadership in Education , is focused on professional development and school improvement, many activities featuring Bill Daggett, but then this is his organization. The Center conducts well-respected conferences, publishes materials, and provide consultation, all for a hefty fee. (He is Bill Daggett after all!) Their last conference was June 22-25, 1997 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The theme was (of course) technology in education. Cost was $425 per person. Contact them at 219 Liberty St. Schenectady, new York 12305 (518)377-6878 and if you want to find out more information.

ASCD Conference on Teaching & Learning: The Assessment-Instruction Connection. The ASCD sponsors an annual conference on assessment, usually in October each year. There are often over 75 sessions, including keynotes by major assessment gurus. Also includes concurrent sessions by many major assessment people, like Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins, Tom Guskey, Robert Slavin, Marian Leibowitz, Bob Marzano, Roger Farr, Art Costa, and many others. Wow!! In the past the conference registration was about $349 for ASCD members if you register early and, after a certain date $399 for members. Call ASCD at 1-800-933-2723 or visit them at . Warning, this conference is big and sold out last year! Register as early as possible.

ASCD Annual Conference is a huge confeence, often with the best known praticioners in educational fields and best access to current information for educational topics. One of the best conferences every year. Its only draw back is its size and the time it takes to move between conference hotels to your sessions. Call ASCD at 1-800-933-2723 or visit them at .

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