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Organizations Supporting Performance Assessment:

ARC Net Assessmt. index at-

The Center for Learning, Assessment & School Structure (C.L.A.S.S.) is Grant Wiggins's organization. CLASS is a membership organization providing materials of many types, conferences and workshops, etc. At-

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluation, a link to a good site with information and resources. Includes ways to locate & evaluate tests, search ERIC databases for info, news in assessment, and the text of ERIC essays and digests on assessment. The index is at -

The International Center for Leadership in Education. This is the Bill Daggett organization, a prominant speaker on many topics. The Center has a Model Schools Assessment Network which conducts conferences, publishes materials, and provide consultation, all for a hefty fee. (He is Bill Daggett after all!) See the "Events" pages for assessment on this site for info on their conference. At 219 Liberty St. Schenectady, new York 12305 (518)377-6878 and

Maryland Assessment Consortium, Director Jay McTighe is one of the best know assessment speakers and has written several assessment "Classics", made video tapes, and published assessments which the consortium has developed. Many of these are referenced below in the approrpriate category. They are at 13471 Campus Drive, Ijamsville, MD 21754, (301)874-6039, or you can e-mail them at

The National Center for Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), is an organization of many of the better known assessment folks at major universities (mostly out west). CRESST has great helpful reports about what they have learned working on performance assessments, and a data base of assessment descriptions and contact persons. At-

The National Staff Development Council . This is the major professional organization to focus exclusively on the professional development of educators and the organizational development of educational institutions. The NSDC holds a terrific conference early each December, publishes the quarterly Journal of Staff Development, the monthly Results and the School Improvement Team Innovator. The NSDC maintains a active connection with educational research and theory but keeps its approach very practical and practitioner-oriented. The NSDC specialty is bridging the gap between research, theory and practice. Members are balanced between school personnel, private consultants, regional educational service center and laboratory staff, and university faculty. NSDC has 36 state and provincial affiliates which provide local support to staff developers. (See the section titled "Events" on this site for more info.) The NSDC can be contacted at P.O. Box 240, Oxford, Ohio, 45056. Their phone is (513) 523-6029 & FAX is (513) 523-0638. For membership contact Shirley Havens,

The Developer. A newsletter of the National Staff Development Council. At-

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, at FAIRTEST, 342 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139, (617) 864-4810

Ontario Assessment and Training Consortium, at-

Written Materials on Performance Assessment:

Assessment Glossary, by Barry Sweeny

Annotated Bibliograhy on Performance Assessments. Sets of bibliographies by subject area and topics available for a small fee from the NW Educational Lab, at NWREL, The Test Center, 101 SW Main St. Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204, (503) 275-9562

Assessing Student Outcomes. Although written for assessment of the "Dimensions of Learning" model, this book is a "classic" and contains many general, 4 step rubrics to assess the model. Written by Jay McTighe, Robert Marzano, & Deborah Pickering. Some applicable to all schools. Costs $13.95 from ASCD At-

Beyond Standardized Testing: Assessing Authentic Achievement in the Secondary Schools, item # 210-8808, by the Nat. Assn. of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). Costs $9 from NASSP, 1904 Association Dr., Reston, VA 22314, (703) 860-0200

Is There Evidence That Rubrics Help? (Improve teaching and learning), a 2 page paper that explains the issues and points to some sources for evidence. $3.00.

Components of Effective Performance Assessments, by Barry Sweeny

Components of an Effective Assessment System, By Barry Sweeny

Definitions: Forced-Choice, Performance, and Authentic Assessment, By Barry Sweeny

Eight Questions to Ask About Standards, McREL, by Robert Marzano, at-

The Five Key Questions in Performance-Based Learning, By Barry Sweeny

"Light House" Principles for Developing Performance Assessments, By Barry Sweeny

Multiple Intelligences Approaches to Assessment, David Lazear, Lots of specific ideas for each content area as well as advice on portfolios, journals, logs, and other assessment strategies. Cost is $44. Order #1039-SD from Zephyr Press, 3316 N. Chapel Ave. PO BOX 66006-SD, Tucson, Arizona, 85728-6006, (520)322-5090. Zephyr has a web site too.

A Practical Guide to Alternative Assessment, by Herman, Aschbacher & Winters, is available from ASCD for $10.95. Its emphais is on the flaws of traditional assesssment and how to develop alternative assessments. At-

A Practitioner's Knowledge Base of Best Practices For Performance Assessment, WOW! 19 pages in 22 categories of the lessons learned by a national trainer & consultant in assessment who has worked with staff from hundreds of schools. Covers each aspect of developing, refining, and using quality performance assessments to improve teaching and learning. $20.00, Click on the title to order.

Reaching Potentials: Appropriate Curriculum & Assessment for Young Children, for $7 from the Nat. Assn. for the Educ. of Young Childre (NAEYC) 1509 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036-1426 (202) 232-8777. Very good for help with developmentally approrpiate practices.

"Road Maps for the Performance Assessment Journey". Barry Sweeny's terrific, user-friendy 150 page book has all you need to learn how to develop powerful performance assesssments that can improve teaching and learning. Sells for $28.

Some Tried & Proven Assessment Planning & Development Resources. 10 pages of overheads, charts, planning guides, system structures to guide assessment & use of data for school improvement. $8.00. Click on title to order.

Data Base of Standards for Content Knowledge, McREL, at-

A Survey of More Authentic Assessment Practices, includes classification of types of authentic assessments by purposes, scale, etc. Has case studies of assessment programs at different stages of development. For $15. At -

The Transition to a Performance-Based Classroom, By Barry Sweeny

Using Portfolios to Assess Student Performance, by J. McRobbie, available for $3 from the Far West Regional Educ. Lab, 730 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107-1242 (415)565-300

Whole-School Bilingual Education Programs: Approaches to Assessment, by Del Vecchio,, for $4.50. Includes implications of the effective schools research on bilingual education, provides assessment samples, and suggests assessment strategies for bilingual program assessment. Order #PIG 18. from the National Center for Bilingual Education at (202)467-1867 or at

Video Tapes on Performance Assessment:

ASCD 1996 Conference on Teaching & Learning: Assessment, Here are two forums with assessment leaders discussing the questions "What have we learned about perormance assessment?", "What problems Remain to be Solved?", and What is the Relationship Between Assessment and Grades?". (Also see the Audio Tape section of this web page.) The video is $127.95 for members and $153.95 for nonmembers from ASCD at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or -

Developing Performance Tasks, a video of Jay McTighe's presentation on his method for developing assessment tasks. (45 minutes, Available for $100 from Maryland Assessment Consortium (See "Organizations" above).

Developing Performance Assessments, by Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins & Michael Hibbard. Shows committees discussing the issues, explains the steps, very practical. Includes an 55 minute tape and a Facilitator's Guide. By ASCD costs $328 for members, $398 for nonmembers, at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or -

Is This What You Want From Me? a video about scoring performance assessments, including teaching students about rubrics, student involvement in developing rubrics, and students & teachers using rubrics to score work. Available for $100, from Maryland Assessment Consortium (see them under 'Organizations" listing above.

Performance Assessment in the Classroom, A Video Journal of Education, by Jay McTighe, Director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, costs $295, and includes 2 videos. Video Journal of Education is at 549 West 3560 S. in Salt Lake City, UT 8411-4225, (800)572-1153. at-

Performance-Based Assessment in Quality Elem. & Middle Schools (15 min.) by the Nat. Assn. of Elem. Sch. Principals (NAESP). Available for $189.95 for members at 1615 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22314-3483, (800)386-2377

Portfolio Assessment, A Video Journal of Education set of 2 videos, by Bena Kallick, one of the best there is. Costs $395, At-

Redesigning Assessment, a "classic" three part series including an introduction video (24 min.), a more in-depth treatment of performance assessment and its impoact on classrooms and learning. (32 min. ) and a (40 min.) video on portfolios. Available for $680 to members and $780 to nonmembers from ASCD, at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or

Standards, Not Standardization, a 4 volume set of 8 videos and training materials by Grant Wiggins's organization, the Center for Learning, Assessment & School Structure (C.L.A.S.S.). At-

Student Growth: Diurections for Assessing & Communicating Learning (16 min.) from Edmonton, Public Schools about their system of portfolio assessment. Costs $75 US, from Edmonton Schools Center for Educ. at 1 Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T-5H 4G9, Attn: Terry Terlesky (403)429-8228.

Teacher TV- Episode 11: Alternative Assessment (22 min.) costs $15.95 from NES and the Learning Channel, NEA Professional Library, PO Box 509, West Haven, CT 06516, (800) 229-4200

What's New in Schools: A Parent's Guide to Performance Assessment, (14 min.) includes examples of tasks, projects & portfolios with comments by students, teachers & parents. Includes a leaders guide. For $65 to members and $95 to nonmembers, from ASCD, at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or -

Audio Tapes on Performance Assessment:

ASCD 1996 Conference on Teaching & Learning: Assessment, Hear pesentations by assessment leaders and practitioners from the 1996 ASCD Assessment conference. Topics include Staff development for assessment, equity, setting standards, designing indicators of quality, Multiple assessments for multiple intelligences, the New Standards Project, and portfolios. (Also see the Video Tape section of this web page.) The audio tape set is $76.50 for members and $91.50 for nonmembers from ASCD at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or -

Designing Performance-Based Teaching & Learning, Part 1 and Part 2. Includes Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Bob Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Grant Wiggins. Part 1 includes three cassettes and explains concepts of restructuring curriculum, instruction and assessment for performance-based outcomes. Part 2 includes three cassettes and covers strategies for performance-based learning. Each part (set) is $29 for ASCD members and $35 for nonmembers. Available from ASCD at 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) or -

Performance Assessment: A Survival Guide, An AUDIO TAPE of a presentation at the NSDC annual conference by Michael Hibbard, who is one of the better resources anywhere. Available for $12.50 from NSDC (see NSDC info under "Organizations" above.)

From the 1996 NSDC Annual Conference, Vancouver, B.C., order from National Cassette Services, 8985 E. Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730, (520)290-9366 or FAX (520)290-9686. Add $6 for shipping. COST for NSDC members = $10 for i cassette, $15 for 2 cassette, for NON -members = $12.50 for 1 cassette and $18 for 2 cassettes.

Hands-On Assessment. Dianne Hampton, Teaches how to develop open-response items, portfolios, tasks, and rubrics. #6355-26 (1 c)

Helping Teachers Develop Rubrics for Performance Assessments, Kay Burke. Helps teachers and students. #6355-50 (1 c)

Encouraging Teachers to Use Performance-Based Assm'ts: Jay McTighe & Kathryn Alvestad, #6355-42, (1 cassette)

From the 1995 NSDC Annual Conference, in Chicago, order from National Cassette Services, 613 N. Commerce Ave., Front Royal, VA 22630, (540)635-4181 or FAX (540)636-4240. Add $6 for shipping. COST for NSDC members = $10 for i cassette, $15 for 2 cassette, for NON -members = $12.50 for 1 cassette and $18 for 2 cassettes.

Imagine, Relevant, Helpful Profess. Dev. in Classroom Assm't, Rick Stiggins, #5985-50, (2 cassettes)

Designing & Dev. Performance-Based Curriculum, Kit Marshall & Helen Burz, Brain-based learning issues. #8985-10, (1 c)

Helping Teachers Dev. User-Friendly Portfolio Systems . Kay Burke, Includes rubrics for portfolio, #8985-13, (1 c)

Web Sites With Performance Assessments:

ARC Net Assessment Index, at-

Assessment & Accountability, is a site by the NW Regional Lab (NWREL) and includes bibliographies of assessment info, a model writing assessment, and info about NWREL's "Alternative Assessment Toolkit" which is focused on NCTM standards implementation. At

Authentic Assessment Samples, Miami Mus. of Sci.-pH Factor, also includes other assessment helps and a "constructivist approach to helping students learn. At-

National Assessment of Educational Progress, index, at-

The National Center for Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), has great helpful reports and a data base of assessment descriptions with info on how to conatct people with these assessments. At-

Whelmers, an interesting science site with activities and assessments designed to spark student interests and curiousity, by the Mid-Contentent Regional Lab (McREL).

Web Sites About Performance Assessment:

Assessment, at-

Assessment related sites-index, at-

Automating Authentic Assessment With Rubrics, at-

Authentic Portfolio Assessment, at-

Influence of Performance-Based and Authentic Assessment, at-

An Introduction to Science Portfolios, Mostly a biology web site, explains why and how of portfolios as well as guide lines from California State Dept. of Educ for portfolio use. Also has some web links and a chat room. At -

The National Center for Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), has great helpful reports and a data base of assessment samples. At-

Performance Assessment at-

Web Sites/Info about Assessment Software:

There are a number of programs available to help collect and manage assessment data. Some are "just" electronic grade books, which are a nice help, but which are inadequate for the demands of assessment. These are the systems I have found to date, most with web sites. There are some other assessment software packages under development which hold great promise. Stay tuned here.

The Grady Profile, electronic portfolio assessment software, at 1-800-77G-RADY or at -

Learner Profile, by Sunburst Communications, Inc. This is very nice software (costs about $100) designed to work with the Apple Computer "Newton" hand-held computer (which costs about $600) and a serial cable which allows dowloading collected data to a PC. The teacher uses a plastic stylus to touch the screen to select a student from the class roster, and then touch the rubric on the screen to identify performance on a rubric. The software does a number of other things too. Together, this is an elegant package that takes us very close to what teachers need to manage the assessment tasks of the modern classroom. Available at 101 Castleton St. PO Box 100, Pleasantville, NY 10570-9961, or 1-800-321-7511.

Persona Plus, multimedia student and teacher portfolio, authentic assessment developer, and curriculum resources manager software, at- http://WWW.PersonaPlus.COM/

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