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Organizations Supporting Peer Coaching:

The National Staff Development Council . This is the major professional organization to focus exclusively on the professional development of educators and the organizational development of educational institutions. The NSDC holds a terrific conference early each December, publishes the quarterly Journal of Staff Development, the monthly The Developer and the School Improvement Team Innovator. The NSDC maintains a active connection with educational research and theory but keeps its approach very practical and practitioner-oriented. The NSDC specialty is bridging the gap between research, theory and practice. Members are balanced between school personnel, private consultants, regional educational service center and laboratory staff, and university faculty. NSDC has 36 state and provincial affiliates which provide local support to staff developers. (See the section titled "Events" on this site for more info.) The NSDC can be contacted at P.O. Box 240, Oxford, Ohio, 45056. Their phone is (513) 523-6029 & FAX is (513) 523-0638. For membership contact Shirley Havens.

A newsletter of the National Staff Development Council. At-

The Organizational Development Network Mentorship Partners Program, including a description of "shadow" consulting, coaching, and peer consulting groups. At-

The Intitute for Intelligent Behavior. This is the consulting practice of Robert Garmston, one of the gretas in peer coaching. Garmston developed and has championed the approach called "Cognative Coaching" which emphasizes the development of teacher thinking, reflection, and analysis skills. Contact him at 916-486-0659 or mail to The Institute at 2233 Watt Ave. Suite 285, Sacramento, CA 95825

Written Materials:

Click here to see a set of peer coaching training materials available from the author of this site. The set includes:

Peer Coaching For Professional Development And Instructional Improvement. A 36 page master set for a training manual for mentors or coaches. Has models, schedules, pre-post conference questions, trust building, asking open questions, observation ideas, communications hints, models from a non-judgmental approach to more challenging coaching, and a coaching action plan. $20.00.

A Set of Over Head Masters for Peer Coaching Training. Includes 34 pages of quotes, charts, process maps & suggestions for new & experienced coaches. The overheads are needed to complete information in the peer coaching training handout above. $15.00.

A Script for Peer Coaching Training. 15 pages, How to coordinate use of the peer coaching manual & over heads with what the trainer says for each page. Helps you to understand what an expert coaching trainer does to promote quality peer coaching experiences. $15.00

What to Consider When Starting a Peer Coaching Program, two and 1/2 pages of ideas, advice, and cautions. $4.00.

The Evolution of Peer Coaching, by Showers & Joyce, two giants in coaching. Educational Leadership, March 1996, 53 (6), pps. 12-16. A wonderful discussion of the "state-of-the-art" and what has been learned.

How Administrators Support Peer Coaching, by Robert Garmston, (1987). Another giant in coaching. Educational Leadership, 44 (5), pps.18-26.

Peer Coaching: An Innovation in Teaching
, a nice paper by two New Mexico State Univ. faculty members. Includes, rationale, types of coaching, the experiences of 2 coaches, how to set up a coaching program, helpful hints, and references. At-

Peer Coaching: How to Implement a Successful Program for Teachers, by Christine Jakicic, The Illinois School Research and Development Journal, Illinois Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Dev. Spring 1994, 30 (2), pps 36-38.

Peer Coaching for Educators
, by Gottesman & Jennings, A good, comprehensive book, with rationale, roles of all involved, the sequence for development and for implementation, selling the program, & troubleshooting. From Technomic Pub. 851 New Holland Ave., Box3535, Lancaster, PA 17604, (717)291-5609 or at

Reflections on Cognative Coaching, Robert Garmston. (1993). Educational Leadership, 51 (2). pps. 57-61.

Supporting a Peer Coaching Program: The Need For a Coaching Coordinator

A Successful Program of Teachers Assisting Teachers, by K. Kent (1985). Educational Leadership, 43 (3). pps. 30-33.

Coaching as an Alternative to Evaluation

Although peer coaching is most often conducted as a non-judgmental process that is separate from evaluation, there are potent possibilities for the use of coaching as an alternative to traditional clinical supervision and teacher evaluation being realized in many schools nation-wide. The reason is that traditional evaluations do not often lead to real growth of teachers, where as peer coaching provides an on-going support system for teacher development. Here are some of the better resources concerning this approach.

Evaluation of Teaching: The Cognative Development View, Costa, Garrstan & Lambert, in "Six Prescriptions for Success", ed. Stanley & Popham, (1988). pp. 145-172, Alexandria, VA, Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Dev.

Supervision for Intelligent Teaching, Costa & Garmston, (1985). Educational Leadership, 42 (5). pps. 70-80.

Supervision in Transition, ed. by Carl Glickman, (1992) An ASCD Year Book, Alexandria, VA, Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Dev.

The Power of Peer Appraisals, Walen & DeRose (1993). Educational Leadership, 51 (2). pps. 45-48.

Teacher Evaluation: No More "Super"-Vision, Rooney, J. (1993). Educational Leadership, 51 (2). pps. 45-48.

Through the Lens of a Critical Friend, Costa & Kallick (1993). Educational Leadership, 51 (2). pps. 49-51.

Team/Group Coaching

Team Coaching: Staff Development Side-by-Side, by Neubert & Bratton, (1987). Educational Leadership, 44 (5). pps. 29-33.

Opening Doors: Teacher-Guided Observations, Sahakian & Stockton, (1996). Educational Leadership, 53 (6). pps. 50-53, March.

Video & Audio Tapes:


Another Pair of Eyes
, by ASCD is a coaching classic in two sets that has been around for over ten years and is still one of the best. Video set one is about observation skills and includes Tape One, a variety of classroom vignettes which illustrate the uses of certain data collection/observation strategies. The second tape is a practice tape which contains more vignettes but little assistance, good for practice. Video set two is about pre and post conference skills, is by giants in coaching Robert Garmston and Art Costa and includes 3 videos with practice tapes. The two sets come together and include two Facilitator's Guide and costs $890 for ASCD members or $1040 for nonmembers. ASCD can be reached at Your regional service center and some school districts may have copies they might lend you.

Opening Doors: An Introduction to Peer Coaching, is also by ASCD and this set has been around since 1989. Its emphasis is less on building peer coaching skills and is more on the power of coaching to transform schools into more collaborative and collegial work places and the benefits of such collaboration. The set includes two video tapes and a Facilitator's Guide for $390 for ASCD members, and $445 for nonmembers.ASCD which can be reached at These tapes may also be available from your regional service center and some school districts.

The Collaborative Workplace and Peer Coaching, by the Video Journal of Education, with Pam Robbins, one of the best presenters and trainers in coaching. At-

Teaching Episodes, a binder with 19 vignettes for practicising classroom observations. Script is included. Cost is $300 from NSCD. Great for mentor and peer coaching or administrator trainings. (See NSDC information under organizations above.) At


From the 1996 NSDC Annual Conference, Vancouver, B.C., order from National Cassette Services, 8985 E. Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730, (520)290-9366 or FAX (520)290-9686. Add $6 for shipping. COST for NSDC members = $10 for i cassette, $15 for 2 cassette, for NON -members = $12.50 for 1 cassette and $18 for 2 cassettes.

Breakthroughs in Cognative Coaching: Promoting the Thinking of All Members of the Educ. Community, Robert Garmston & Marilyn Tabor, #6355-32, (2 cassettes)

From the 1995 NSDC Annual Conference, in Chicago, order from National Cassette Services, 613 N. Commerce Ave., Front Royal, VA 22630, (540)635-4181 or FAX (540)636-4240. Add $6 for shipping. COST for NSDC members = $10 for i cassette, $15 for 2 cassette, for NON -members = $12.50 for 1 cassette and $18 for 2 cassettes.

Cognative Coaching: Collaborative Supervision, Kathryn Harwell & Linda Hawkins, an alternative to evaluation for teachers & adm. Reviews results in student behaviors and achievement. #5985-09, (1 cassette)

How to Plan & Implement a Peer Coaching Program, an audio tape of Pam Robbins' 1993 presentation for ASCD. Includes great advice, six tapes, and a Presenter's Notebook with activities, handouts and overhead masters. Costs $89 for members and $107 for nonmembers. Contact ASCD at

Web Sites For Peer Coaching Programs:

21st Century Skills for Peer Coaching, at-

Peer Coaching: An Effective Staff Development Model for Educators of Linguistically
and Culturally Diverse Students. by Galbraith & Anstrom, for $2.50. presents models of
coaching, suggestions for their implementation and coaching strategy steps, plus tips for low cost
scheduling of coaching time. Order #DIR 3. from the National Center for Bilingual education at
Coaching Course, a professional dev program by the Florida Dept of Educ. at-
Peer/Cognitive Coaching, a request from a school using this strategy for interaction with others
who use coaching. At-

Web Sites ABOUT Peer Coaching Programs:
Peer Coaching at Maricopa College for faculty, brief discussion of the need for support and
description of three resource books. At-