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Barry Sweeny's New Book:
"Leading the Teacher Mentoring/Induction Program"

Barry Sweeny's new book for induction program leaders will be published by Skylight Professional Development in late September 2000.

Although this important book addresses many topics of interest to induction program leaders, it specifically addresses three areas of emormous need... how to lead an induction/mentoring program so that:

Comments about Barry's book by Linda Darling-Hammond:

"For all those who are working to support beginning teachers and launch them into a successful career, this book offers sage advice. It should be read by anyone who cares about building a strong and capable profession of teachers."

- Linda Darling-Hammond, Ph.D. Professor, Standford University.

Comments about Barry's book by others:

"Barry, I have just finished your new mentoring book and was so pleased with it !! You have done a wonderful job of pulling lots of valuable information together. I am so pleased with the practical and specific advice provided there. I particularly like how you have distinguished between coaching and mentoring. The book will be a wonderful resource. Please tell others of my "testimonial". Thanks!" - 19 Nov 2001, From: K.Curlin via aol

"I work for Poudre School District in Ft. Collins, Colorado. We provide service to 23,000 children. After 17 years in the classroom I am in a whole new world since being hired last April as the new Mentor Coordinator. Being Mentor Coordinator is the first job to ever come along that could entice me to leave my classroom. I believe so much in the value of mentoring. For the first time this fall, we am providing support to over 200 new teachers. Wow!

Please know that your book has been my BIBLE since starting this journey, and, through the book, you have truly been MY mentor the whole way. Your passion for the power of mentoring is contagious! As I read your book, I felt like you were sitting across the table from me. It's so user-friendly and I so agree with your viewpoints.

Thankfully, things are going very well here, with our mentors, guides and protégés, I have 704 people in the program...very exciting! You helped me to find the key to changing the sour attitude of some veterans..make them a mentor...honor their wisdom, and they become a new person, even better, a new teacher.

Now, I am teaching both a mentor and a protégé sequence through our staff development office and am loving it. It is so wonderful to spend focused time with teachers who are at many different points in their career journeys. Our success is due in great part to you, since your book led the way for me. You can tell folks that YOU have a great program working in Fort Collins Colorado."

Mary C. Hasl - Fri, 19 Oct 2001

How to Order the Book:


CALL - Skylight Professional Development, 800-348-4474

WRITE - Skylight Professional Development, 2626 S. Clearbrook Drive, Arlington Hts. IL 60005

The Table of Contents - "Leading a Teacher Mentoring & Induction Program"

(Author's Note: This is the contents as I submitted the manuscript. The editing process has made a few wording changes from this.)



· The Intent and Focus of the Book
· What Educational Leaders Will Find in This Book
· Mentoring & Induction Questions That Effective Leaders Want Answered
· What is Not Addressed in This Book
· Defining Induction, Mentoring & Peer Coaching for Teaching
· How the Book is Organized

Chapter 1 - Approaches and Structures for Mentoring & Induction Programs

Chapter 2 - Developing a Mentoring and Induction Program for the Changing Teaching Profession

· Empowering a Leadership Group
· Doing the Research
· Learning From an Induction Expert
· Defining the Needs
· Defining the Destination at the Start the Journey
· Identifying the Purposes of Your Teacher Induction Program
· The Ultimate Purpose - Student Success
· Full or Phased Implementation of the Induction Program
· Developing Activities That Incorporate Best Practice
· Developing Activities That Also Address Program Purposes
· Characteristics of Effective Mentors
· Defining the Roles and Tasks of Mentors
· Strategies for Mentor Selection and Matching and for Dealing With Mismatches
· Initial and On-Going Mentor and Protege Training
· Balanced Incentives, Support, and Recognition for Mentoring
· The Need For Mentoring Program Coordination
· The Mentoring of Mentors: Ensuring Mentor Growth & Success

Chapter 3 - Telementoring: How Mentoring has Been Enhanced in the Cyberage

· How Technology Addresses Three Obstacles to Professional Development
· Some Wonderful Technological Surprises for Induction
· Taking the Lead in Your Own Staff Development
· What is Telementoring?
· How Telementroing Works
· The Advantages and Challenges of Telementoring
· Some Examples of Telementoring Programs

Chapter 4 - Other Ways to Use Technology to Support Novice Teachers & Mentoring

· Examples of How Technology Supports Induction
· A Web Site for Your Induction Program?
· Developing an Email-Based Induction Program "Ezine"
· Using Distance Learning to Support Mentors and New Teachers
· Telephone and Video Conferences

Chapter 5 - Mentoring and Other Teacher Development Initiatives

· The Facts About Learning to Teach and the Impact of Induction
· The Traditional Teaching Career
· National Initiatives Which are Shaping Teacher Development Programs
· The Relationship Between Teacher Evaluation and Teacher Assessment
· Advice Concerning Professional Development Goals, Plans, and Portfolios
· Induction as the First Phase of Continuous Professional Development
· How Participation in Mentoring Develops the Mentors
· Using Induction to Foster a Learning Community

Chapter 6 - Strategies for Supporting and Sustaining Induction

Chapter 7 - Resources for Induction Leaders

· Web Sites With a Collection of Resources on Mentoring and Induction
· Links to Mentoring and Induction Resources on the Internet
· Audio and Video Resources
· Bibliography

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