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A Terrific New Video Resource

for Mentoring & Induction Programs

© 1999, Barry Sweeny

Mentoring trainers and leaders are always looking for new resources they can use to increase the effectiveness

of their programs and to promote better understanding of and support for their program with non participants.

Mentors are always seeking ideas and strategies they can use to increase thier own effectiveness as mentors.


ASCD is very well known for the quality and usefulness of their video productions which take viewers into schools to observe effective practices in action, and which include all the tools and materials needed to conduct effective workshops on the topic!

Barry Sweeny is well known for his expertise as a consultant and trainer and his knowledge in mentoring, induction, and school improvement. ASCD and Barry Sweeny have joined forces to produce a new video series, which was released for sale in April 1999.

Barry was employed by ASCD as the content consultant for the planning of the videos and as the author of the "Faclitator's Guide". Barry also was interviewed on camera and so, he appears in the video in a number of places, offering his experience and advice on each aspect of the program. Check it out!


These components were designed to help you use the videos effectively to:

1. Develop or refine a mentoring program for
- New and beginning teachers, or...
- Beginning administrators
2. Improve the mentoring that occurs within that program.

The program provides guidance for orientation, building trusting relationships, effective communication, mentoring tasks and roles, coaching for instructional improvement, and the mentoring process. The videos illustrate all of these aspects of mentoring so that you can see for yourself and demonstrate to your mentors what excellent mentoring programs provide and what excellent mentoring practices look like. This kind of modeling can have a powerful impact !

The "Mentoring to Improve Schools" video series was specifically designed to address needs that are not addressed by previous videos by ASCD or other sources of video programs. It is a training modual that should be in every professional development resource library!

It is available from ASCD. Call 1-800-933-2723, then press 2. Orders can also be sent via mail to ASCD, P.O. Box 79760, Baltimore, MD 21279-0760.

The Program set costs $396 for ASCD Members and is stock # 499324J17.

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