Barry Sweeny

Consultant, Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach & Author
26 W 413 Grand Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187, 630-668-2605

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I can help you to:

- Plan for, develop, and refine programs to improve teaching & learning
- Diagnose problems and then quickly and positively solve them
- Train people & develop a range of skills
- Improve decision making processes & the results you attain
- Create consensus and focus for work on shared agendas

I am an expert in:

- School & Organizational Improvement
- New Teacher Mentoring & Induction
- Authentic Performance Assessment
- Staff Development & Change Management
- Curriculum Development &Abandonment

My materials & services have been used by :

- Hundreds of schools & school districts in over 30 states and 6 countries

- 4 State Departments of Education

- Over 20 colleges of education & universities

- 10 professional educational organizations including NASSP, Missouri NEA, Illinois NEA , United Federation of Teachers (NY), PDK chapters, & Teachers 21 (not-for-profit arm of Research for Better Schools)

- Regional consortia & intermediate service centers

- Businesses (including A.T. & T.)

- Community-based organizations (like World Relief International)

I am an invited keynoter/presenter at national & state conferences

- Private consultant and trainer, Resources for Staff & Organization Development, since 1987

- Manager of School & Program Development, Kane Co. Regional Office of Educ. serving 140 schools
- Past President, Illinois Staff Development Council, & ISDC Board of Directors, 5 years.
- Co-Founder & Executive Board, The Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network, an ASCD network
- National Commission on Novice Teacher Support, Association of Teacher Educators
- Member, Teacher Induction Advisory Board, Illinois State Board of Education
- Staff Development Program Coordinator, DuPage-Kane Education Service Center, serving 349 sch. 3 years
- District Staff Development Specialist & Mentor Program Coordinator, 1/2 time for 4 years
- Teacher of art & science, grades 6-12 for 22 years, at middle & high school
- "Award of Commendation", for Service to Illinois Educators, Illinois State Board of Education
- "Award of Recognition- Teacher" 1989 "Those Who Excel", Illinois State Board of Education

My fee structure:

- I have a full time job which, of course, means I can only consult on a very limited basis. Therefore I try to select consulting opportunities which allow me to learn or expand my experiences. Also, since I must use vacation days to do consulting, it is my preference to only consult for a full day or more.

- My basic fee for consultation and presentations is $750 per 6 hour day

- If my work involves meetings for which I do not provide leadership my fee is $75 per hour.

- The client pays my expenses.

- Usually, I do NOT charge clients for my preparation unless it becomes a considerable project or requires creation of lots of new materials.

- Usually, I do NOT charge clients for my traveling time unless it must be done during work hours and requires me to take time off from my work. The cost of this time is negotiable since it is necessary to the work but I know it is of little direct value to the client.

- I believe in long-term development and capacity building so I will negotiate a "package deal" if the project includes a series of three days or more.

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