Barry Sweeny's Privacy Policy

& Business Practices Promise

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Privacy Policy:
I promise that all the information you share with me, whether personal, financial, or otherwise, I will keep confidential and use only for the purposes you requested. I will not make the information available to anyone else or to any other company, agency, or government entity.
I will use a web hosting service which provides a "Secure Socket Server" and secure, encrypted transmissions to ensure that your confidential information remains private.
I will use the information you provide me to send you occasional and brief notices of new information, services, and products that I provide. This will only occur about once or twice a year.
If you tell me what information, services and products you are interested in, I will try to limit the notices I send you to those and related topics.
I will not use web "cookies" or any other secret device or system to capture your private information or your activities.

Business Practices Promise:
I want your confidence and repeat business so I know that I must deal honestly with you and provide services and products which you will find meet your needs and which are of usefullness and value to you. That is my commitment!
I make a sincere effort to correctly describe my services and products, and I am confident that you will receive products and services which are as I have described them and of high quality. I guarantee that my products and services are as described and that you will be satisfied with my services or products. I do have a limited return policy which is provided on my price list and order form.
If you receive products from me which have been damaged or are unusable in the form you receive them, I will gladly and promptly replace those products.
Except in the case of my books, I provide a written statement with each paper purchased that gives you a "License" to duplicate and distribute what you have purchased from me as long as:

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