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What Others Say About the Value of Barry Sweeny's Training, Keynotes & Presentations

" Thanks so much for your presentation to the Association of Teacher Educators Induction Group in Los Angeles. It was so on-target! We've had so many positive comments that we would like you to be our keynoter at next year's conference in Atlanta." Dr. Leslie Huling, S.W. Texas State. Univ.

"We, the Milwaukee Teachers Mentor Program really enjoyed your symposium last week! At our meeting last Friday we voted to purchase all of your fine mentoring resources . Thank you so much." - Mary Ellen McCarty, MPS/MTEA Mentor, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee Wisconsin

"Thank you for agreeing to be the presenter in Missouri NEA's Professional Development Series for four, one-day mentor trainings. Several of our members mentioned your work and recommended we invite you. MNEA is looking forward to working with you." - Marty Pavlik, Professional Development Director, Missouri NEA

  "The training you provided last year resulted in an excellent foundation for our program's first year and the new mentors. This letter confirms our plans to repeat the training this year." -Claudia Kasper, Director of Human Resources, Hinsdale Elementary School District, Hinsdale, IL

"Thank you for a truly motivating three days! I am so excited about the potential benefits of the amazing, yet practical strategies you gave us! The coaching work was especially powerful. You definitely saved the best for last. I continue to reflect back on your inspirational & 'gutsy' presentation. Thanks!" - Dr. Victoria Sybert, Texas Tech Univ. Lubbock, Texas

"You have an extensive knowledge base on so many things related to staff and school improvement and, what may be most valuable, a common sense, practical approach to helping us solve our own problems. I appreciate your ability to handling the tough task we gave you. One day with you will be the start and direction we needed, but it is not enough. I have had several requests that we bring you back soon! I am very pleased with your work. Thank you."   -Maureen McKeough, Dir. Staff Dev./Assessment, Schaumburg Sch. Distr. 54, Schaumburg, IL

"You just keep on giving and giving. Thanks so much for another great session! What a tremendous role model you have been for us." - Dr. Joan Vydra, President, Illinois Staff Development Council, Affiliate of NSDC

"Thanks for a most effective session . The next day the chair person came in a gave me a hug and said, 'Thank you for bringing in Barry.'  Now, how's that for positive feed back !" -Dr. Lori Davis, Asst. Supt. Kaneland School District 302, Maple Park, IL.

"Barry, thanks for what you have done for our district and our mentor program. We've had the program for 10 years and felt proud of what we have accomplished. However, your Best Practices Training and mentoring materials gave us the jump start we needed to revitalize us. Our strongest mentors have once again become "mentor magnets" attracting other veteran teachers into the ranks of new teacher advocates. (PS. I love that term "mentor magnets"! It says just what we want it to be.) - Sandy Nobles, Director of Instructional Initiatives, Richardson ISD, Texas.

"Barry's ability to organize & plan is superior. He handles both the details & the 'big picture'. The consistency of his star performances make him so valuable ." -Lois Andrews, Dir. of Staff Development, District 200, Wheaton, IL

"Barry, I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you provided at the Houston TX Focus Conference. I heard numerous positive comments from your audience before we headed back to Austin and also excitement about your ideas and strategies. We were very pleased. During the presentation, it was easy to see that the participants were engaged in your topics. Thank you ever so much for all the effort and thought you put into it to adapt to our special educators. I'm really glad that I now know about all the resources you provide. You WILL be hearing from me again."   - Ruth Ann Marsh, State-Wide Mentor Coordinator, TX School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Austin, TX

(PS - Barry was invited back and did another training at their state-wide conference the next year too.)