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What Others Say About the Value of Barry Sweeny's Consulting

"Barry, thanks for what you have done for our district and our mentor program. We've had the program for 10 years and felt proud of what we have accomplished. However, your Best Practices and mentoring materials gave us the jump start we needed to revitalize us. Our strongest mentors have once again become "mentor magnets" attracting other veteran teachers into the ranks of new teacher advocates. (PS. I love that term "mentor magnets"! It says just what we want it to be.) - Sandy Nobles, Director of Instructional Initiatives, Richardson ISD, Texas.

"Your organization and dedication are exceptional . Your patience and positive spirit was most inspirational and I am personally grateful for your charts and suggestions for our work, they certainly made my task much easier." -Carole Pyle, Curric. & Instruction Coordinator, Cass Sch. District, Cass, IL

"We found Barry Sweeny right at the point when we were trying to figure out how to improve our mentoring program to make it a full induction program. Barry's wonderful advice and materials were invaluable to us in this challenging transformation. We especially love his mentoring styles inventory and mentor training ideas!" - Sharon Mullen, Staff Development Department, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, December 1999.

You have an extensive knowledge of assessment, curriculum, school improvement and, what may be most valuable, a common sense, practical approach to helping us solve our own problems. I appreciate your ability to handling the tough task we gave you." -Maureen McKeough, Dir. Staff Dev./Assessment, Schaumburg Sch. Distr. 54, Schaumburg, IL

"As the mentor coordinator for a brand new mentoring program with over 700 mentors, guides, and proteges, I learned quickly that you may have only one chance to get it right. Thank goodness I discovered Barry Sweeny and listened to his advice! He did help me get it right the first time. He is my mentor of mentors.

First, I used Barry Sweeny's advice as my guide for creating in one year what I believe is a very effective mentoring program. Everyone in our district is thrilled with the program we created. The time spent learning from him was the best investment I ever made.

Second, Barry taught me several great strategies for evaluating my program and how to use this data to defend it. He helped me to plan proactively and to see that accountability is sustainability. Thanks to Barry's wisdom, insight, and advice the mentoring program in my district has weathered challenges and restructuring when every other program was cut back. I am so grateful.
Finally, Barry is an exceptional role model of what a mentor should strive to be."

- Mary Hasl, Mentor Coordinator, Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Barry has become a critical resource for my success in positive program development. I couldn't be more pleased with his work & assistance to us." -Richard Majka, Asst. Supt. Unit School District 46, Elgin, IL

"You really were helpful ! You quickly established rapport with our entire group & steered us into the new line of thinking that we needed." -Terry Sullivan, Staff Dev. Ldr. Danbury Schools, Danbury, Connecticut

"Thanks for a most effective session . The next day the chair person came in a gave me a hug and said 'Thank you for bringing in Barry.' Now, how's that for positive feed back !"

-Dr. Lori Davis, Asst. Supt. Kaneland School District 302, Maple Park, IL.

"Barry is an Illinois reform leader and is one of the best there is in education. He energized our staff to excel with a long and difficult task.."

-Beverly Norris, Director of C. & I. Marquardt District 15, Glendale Heights, IL

"What Barry Sweeny has done for improvement of education in our county is unmatched by any other educator I have seen in my 20 years here." - Dr. J. Cernock, Assist. Sup,, Bloomingdale, IL

"Barry recently worked with us to develop the most difficult part of our recent FY 2000 Illinois Secretary of State Literacy Volunteers Grant. His part of the grant was the program goals, outcomes, activities, and evaluation components. We were so pleased with his work and the quality of his writing because these parts are the core of the proposal, around which we had to build all the rest of the project, and his work made ours go so well. Also, Barry was prompt in meeting our short time line for completion and was a pleasure to work with. We certainly feel we got our money worth and more, and will definately be using Barry again on other projects". - Ms. Pamela Meadows, Director of Education Services, World Relief DuPage.

Program Evaluation - Hired as external evaluator, designed and conducted a year-long evaluation of a complex staff development program. The program coordinator, Adrianne Roggenbuck, of the Professional Development Alliance, Joliet Illinois stated, "Barry, the evaluation looks great! Marge, Beth and I are impressed and pleased with the work you have done on the evaluation design. I am finally sure that we will be able to gather the relevant data we need to help us with improving our impact and our planning for next year."

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