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A Description of the Teacher Mentor Training of Trainers

Even if you hire Barry Sweeny to provide an initial training for your mentors, eventually you will want the internal capacity and leadership needed to train your own mentors. The "Mentor Training of Trainers" is how to build the skills of your better mentors, lead mentors, or mentor program coordinators so that they can confidently and effectively lead your own high impact mentor trainings.

Watch how Barry models and then hear explanations for all of the powerful staff development strategies which are used within the Best Practice High Impact Mentor Training Model. Finally, practice those skills so you can model these best practices yourself.

Receive all the materials & guidance you need to effectively lead your own mentor training:

How Many Days Long is the Training?

This training is primarily focused on the most effective mentoring strategies, little time is spent on the coaching strategies. The training has been used hundreds of times and has been constantly improved since 1992 with the one goal of increasing the mentoring results the training produces. That valuable experience is shared with your training leaders so that they do not need to spend the same number of years learning how to create high impact mentors.

One lesson learned in all that experience is that there is no short cut to excellent results. That is why there are only TWO time formats for the "Mentor Training of Trainers", the ones that work!

What Are the Results the Training of Trainers Provides?

The result of the Mentor Training of Trainers will be your own team of mentor training leaders who can confidently and effectively lead your own mentor trainings and achieve a high impact the FIRST TIME. Also, they will have all the materials they need for the training and a license to use those materials. As a result of that local, in-house capacity, your mentors will know specifically what to do and how to behave so as to have a high impact on your new teachers' instructional practice and their students' learning.

Participant Comments About the Mentor Training of Trainers -

"Barry, the Mentor Training of Trainers you provided was just what we wanted! Our district is huge and we were worried whether we'd have the leadership we need to prepare the hundreds of mentors we must have to succeed. Looking backwards, we realize now we needn't have worried. Thanks for the great beginning you gave us. All 40 of the participants in your training of trainers report having the confidence they need to move ahead now." - Debbie Bishop, Coordinator of Staff & Organizational Development, Prince Williams County Public Schools, Manasses, Virginia

"As veteran educators and mentors, we know that new teachers need assistance and guidance, but we have little assistance and support to guide US in how best to do that! Barry's high impact program and mentoring model and his Training of Trainers give you the foundation to get started right and to succeed." - Tammy Somers-Ashley, Gallup-McKinley Co. Schools. Gallup, New Mexico

"From the moment our state grant was approved and for two years thereafter, I used Barry to help me plan our TxBESS Induction Program and to provide both the mentoring and coaching trainings for all teacher and administrator participants in our program. Not only did his training meet our present needs, but he also worked with the most outstanding participants to help build their capacity to lead future trainings for our program. He did this without my even asking! I have never known a consultant to think that way, and to "work himself out of a job". Seeing this behavior taught me I could trust Barry to keep my program's best interests and my needs as coordinator in the forefront. That is why over two years of working with Barry, I continued to expand his contract and his role in my program. I was never disappointed by Barry and I was always glad I trusted him with so much responsibility. What he promises about achieving a "high impact" was true for this whole project! - Ms. Zoe Windley, TxBESS Induction Program Coordinator, Region XI Education Service Center, Fort Worth, Texas

"Thanks so very much for selflessly giving more than we expected! Your training was beyond extraordinary! At a time when Americans are focused on their blessings, I count my time with and support from Barry Sweeny as a very special blessing. - Robbin Howard, Secondary Schools Peer Mentor, Brevard Co. Schools, Florida, Thanksgiving, 2001

"This Training of Trainers was terrific! It makes you aware, informed, and well equipped with remarkable resources so you can make your own contribution to your colleagues and students." - Michael Lang, Dir. of Science Programs, Maricopa Community College, Tempe, Arizona.

"Barry is a unique and genuine trainer. It is obvious that he really cares about the teaching profession and kids. He comes across as a real, authentic person and is obviously an experienced educator who practices what he preaches by modeling excellence. That is what makes this wonderful 'Mentor Training of Trainers' so helpful and unique." - Terri Ortiz, Mentor, Los Lunas, New Mexico.

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