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If any of these apply to you, then you deserve special, very targeted assistance, and Barry Sweeny is just the person to help you.

What specifically can Barry do to help you?

Barry Sweeny can provide the completely unique form of CUSTOM, INDIVIDUALIZED HELP you need in 2 ways:

How might Barry Sweeny help you? Basically, any way you feel is needed. His help could include:

A. Individual mentoring & coaching at your site, for your OWN success!

Sometimes, the very best way to access help is for Barry to come to your site for face-to-face, on-the-job interaction. Therefore, in addition to the assistance suggested above, Barry can also provide:

This on-site assistance is the most intense and productive form of support available. For this work Barry charges $750 a day, plus his expenses. If more than 3 days are contracted, discounts will be offered.

B. Remote expert help without the travel and related expenses.

For only $425, you can place Barry Sweeny on a "retainer" and you can access his expert assistance:

Click here to see Barry's resume of experiences and why he can help address your needs.


1. CALL Barry at (cell) 630-842-2991 or (H) 630-668-2605 or him and explain the kind of help you want.

2. Negotiate the "retainer" or a contract for on-site work, exchange contact information, and plan your first session together.

3. If you want Barry on "retainer":

Elsewhere on this website you can access Barry's program leader publications or others' free resources.
You can also go to the book store on the Skylight web site and order Barry's book, "Leading the Teacher Mentoring & Induction Program".

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