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Barry's Track Record in Grant Writing

Since 1992, Barry has written and won over $9 million dollars in federal and state grants as a part of his work for other agencies. He also managed these many grant programs as well.

Barry has also personally written and won in 25 out of 26 attempts at competitive grants, amounting to over $1 million.

Barry has also advised others and helped to plan and/or write numerous winning competitive grants for federal or state funding awards. Examples of these include:

Barry has also done several program evaluations for grant programs, and helped organizations design evaluations for their grant proposals.

Put this expertise to work for your program!

Sample Client Comments

Goals 2000 Grant Program Evaluation - Hired as external evaluator, designed and conducted a year-long evaluation of a complex staff development program. The program coordinator, Adrianne Roggenbuck, of the Professional Development Alliance, Joliet Illinois stated, "Barry, the evaluation looks great! Marge, Beth and I are impressed and pleased with the work you have done on the evaluation design. I am finally sure that we will be able to gather the relevant data we need to help us with improving our impact and our planning for next year."

Grant Writing - "Barry recently worked with us to develop the most difficult part of our recent FY 2000 Illinois Secretary of State Literacy Volunteers Grant. His part of the grant was the program goals, outcomes, activities, and evaluation components. We were so pleased with his work and the quality of his writing because these parts are the core of the proposal, around which we had to build all the rest of the project, and his work made ours go so well. Also, Barry was prompt in meeting our short time line for completion and was a pleasure to work with. We certainly feel we got our moneys worth and more, and will definitely be using Barry again on other projects". - Ms. Pamela Meadows, Director of Education Services, World Relief DuPage.

Goals 2000 Peer Coaching & Mentoring Grant Proposal - "As a doctoral candidate, I became excited about the potential of a peer mentoring and coaching program for my school. However, despite my overwhelming research on the effects of such a program, our administrators were not able to support my requests for such a program. I sought Barry's guidance as a peer coaching and mentoring expert and was surprised to learn of his expertise in grant writing too. As a high school classroom teacher, I had never written a grant and I was not hopeful it would lead to the funding we needed. Thankfully, Barry was both experienced and hopeful! He worked with me to develop my program and funding proposal so they were linked to our school's improvement plan, and he helped me plan and write my grant. I can't tell you how proud I was of the final proposal and how excited I was when I won an award for year one of $43,000 and another implementation grant the following year!

After the award, Barry helped me to set up the program, he provided our initial and follow up trainings, and he mentored ME so that I could become a more effective leader for the program. He also helped me to strategize about how to involve teachers at other schools and how to expand the program district-wide. We owe so much of our success to Barry. - Sharon Soper, Coaching & Mentoring Coordinator & Foreign Language Teacher, St. Charles HS, IL

TxBESS Induction Program at the Education Service Center Region XI in Fort Worth, Texas. "Barry was instrumental in helping us avoid many problems and detours. He was also a critical aid to me in so many ways, including development and use of needs assessments, the year-end reports, and proposals for funding of the next phase of the three year state pilot. The second year we expanded his responsibilities even further to include development and conduct of our external program evaluation. You should see the excellent process he used! Ask him to see a copy of the final product he produced! Hiring Barry was one of my smartest decisions and I continually recommend him to other educators I meet." - Ms. Zoe Windley, TxBESS Program Coordinator, ESC Region XI, Fort Worth, Texas.

Can't Afford Barry's Help? - Here's What to DO!

Buy TWO of Barry's papers which are for sale on his web site. These papers will give you detailed strategies for writing winning grant proposals to start an initiative and for documenting results of your project to sell decision makers in your organization and gain their support after the program is up and running.

Click on the titles to read more about what the papers provide and to order them.

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Item # 96. An Expert's Advice: Finding the FUNDS to Support Staff Development, Costs $12.00
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1. Research & analysis of funding opportunities

Need funding to support a new initiative or increase the impact of an existing program? Need help finding grants that can help support your programs? Rely on Barry Sweeny to help you connect to the resources available which suit your needs.

2. Analysis of a specific RFP (request for proposals)

Too busy to spend adequate time really understanding an RFP and thinking about whether it will work for your purposes? Don't just write the grant unless you are sure it fits your needs and will not be a tangent which is ultimately unproductive. Also, when you DO write a grant proposal, be sure you have truly understood what they want and do not want in the proposal.

Ask Barry Sweeny to help you with this critical task..

3. Planning program initiatives that the funding will support

Your program ideas may be terrific, and your needs may be clear and documented, but that does not mean you'll win a grant award. Grants are awarded to programs that grant readers expect will work and to organizations that grant readers feel will know how to make change happen and achieve results. If your program doesn't look like that, your proposal will be set aside and left unfunded, despite the needs! Use Barry Sweeny's experience to save your time and to help you plan your program so it deserves and receives support.

4. Help you prepare & plan how to write the grant

Worried because you are NOT an excellent writer?

Maybe you feel you are a skillful writer. Sorry, skill at some forms of writing does not guarantee your success in writing a grant.

Don't assume that your grant reader will be as sold on your program as you are. They look for certain things, many of which are NOT clearly evident in directions they give you for writing your proposal. Barry knows the "tricks of the grant writing trade" and his advice and help will make your proposal a stand out winner!

5. Collecting needs & other data to support claims

Don't have the time to plan and collect needs data? Be careful! Making your proposal "data-based" is crucial to demonstrating need, and THAT is the most fundamental step in writing a winning proposal. Barry Sweeny is an expert in this "make it or break it" step and can do the task for you, or show you how to do it effectively yourself.

6. Analyzing needs and other data for use in a grant

Overwhelmed by the time needed to do the necessary homework BEFORE writing the grant? Don't skip this critical step! Even if you have powerful needs data, your proposal can fail. Need help to pull together the data in meaningful charts, to write conclusions and recommendations that will fit right into your grant proposal? Count on Barry Sweeny to make this painless.

7. Writing the grant proposal

Sure you can read English, but even if you ARE an excellent writer, how you should write the grant may not be something you know. Barry will teach you the UNWRITTEN RULES for success, and he can help you understand the detailed directions in that cryptic RFP. Even the order in which you should write the sections of the grant makes a big difference in whether you are wasting your time and in the success of your proposal.

Feel unprepared to write the grant yourself? Barry can write the grant or can write any section of the grant that you want.

8. Critiquing your grant proposal before it is submitted

Maybe you are an experienced grant writer, but you don't always get the awards that you feel your ideas deserve. Maybe you are just too busy to do the great job you'd like to do on the proposal. Whatever the reason, if your proposal is to WIN, it must be nearly perfect! Your proposal will be up against projects that have tended to these details and have invested the time in writing that you cannot. Call on Barry to take your final draft from "good enough" to send in, to "Outstanding, a model, rated #1 above the rest".

This goal is not just an ego trip, it positions you for grant writing success every year thereafter, because you have the model that gets funded, after which to design future proposals, Also, your program will become known as the model, which over time, increases grant readers' positive attitudes toward what ever you send them. Investing in success now pays multiple dividends later on.

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