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What does consulting in overall program design mean?

THIS web page is for YOU IF you want Barry's expertise and guidance to help you design a complete, comprehensive program that will deliver a high impact on teaching and student learning, OR to improve an existing program to increase it's impact.

This process can include any or all of the following:

OPTION #1 - Barry provides advice before YOU do the process,

OPTION #2 - BARRY gives you advice before the process, AND, Barry collaborates with you to provide expert guidance during the process.

OPTION #3 - BARRY gives you advice before and during the process, AND then, Barry collaborates with you to LEAD the process.

If you want Barry's expertise to guide you through the working with just a few parts of your program, that information is on a different web page. < Click here.

What's Barry's Process for Design or Improvement of a Program?

Program design, implementation, evaluation, and improvement are all steps in a continuous improvement process. You've heard it before. It's a JOURNEY we are all making and we are each at a different place in that journey.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you need to develop a completely new program, or already have a program that just needs to become more effective.

When we agree to work together, the key questions are:

The best way to answer ALL of these critical questions is for you to review and complete Barry's "Program Development & Improvement Planner". The Planner is a comprehensive checklist which outlines the best process and allows you to easily answer the "Key Questions" by just "clicking" on buttons after each step in the process. It also helps you consider and request the extent of Barry's help which you want.

How Do We Get Started?


2. CALL BARRY AT 630-668-2605

3. SUGGEST which of the three approaches listed under "Who sets the agenda?" that you feel should be used.

4. At this point Barry will ask some questions of you. Answering these will better define the agendas and Barry's roles in supporting your success.

5. Negotiate and sign the contract.

6. Follow the specifics in the contract which define your responsibilities for preparation for the process or event.

Click here for information about how to CONTACT Barry Sweeny by email.

Testimonies of Barry's Consulting Clients


* Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado - Barry, thank you so much for your help. The Induction Program is doing very well. Counting all the mentors, guides, and protégés I have 704 people in the program...very exciting! Not bad, considering I was only hired to create and lead this program 6 months ago! Because of your insights, I feel I am a clearer, more articulate voice for my fellow teachers. I am most grateful. The program's success is due in great part to you, since you led the way for me. You can tell folks that YOU have a great program working in Fort Collins, Colorado. - Mary C. Hasl, Induction Program Coordinator

* University of New Mexico, Induction Program Development Workshop for Small New Mexican School Districts With No Existing Program, funded by Title II Teacher Quality Grant

Barry, THANK YOU for the wonderful way you worked with the New Mexico educators last week! Your workshop was just what so many of them needed! Rose and I really appreciate the way you adapted your materials and your time to meet the needs of this special group. They are definately involved and committed now! Several have requested follow up support, and some have asked about bringing you in to their local districts.

I've attached a copy of the evaluation summary for your information. Rose and I are very pleased with it. Not only were you well received, but you have managed to raise the level of awareness about induction and mentoring about 10 notches in New Mexico. We will definately keep in touch with you.... Dr. Jean Casey, Professor, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

* TxBESS Induction Program at the Education Service Center Region XI in Fort Worth, Texas. "When our ESC was awarded one of eleven of the TxBESS Pilot Grants, we had to start the program from scratch. We immediately decided not to hire additional staff persons who would need over a year to become expert in mentoring and induction. Further, I was not a mentoring expert and I needed BIG help right away! I discovered Barry Sweeny, had several email and phone conversations with him, interviewed him face-to-face at a nearby conference, and hired him on the spot. Barry worked for us as a trainer and consultant, and as MY personal mentor, spending over 130 days in our region over two years. His expertise and professional manner made the experience both highly productive and a personal joy.

Barry was instrumental in helping us avoid many problems and detours and in making our first year an immediate success. He was also a critical aid to me in so many ways, including development and use of needs assessments, the year-end reports, and proposals for funding of the next phase of the three year state pilot. The second year we expanded his responsibilites even further to include development and conduct of our external program evaluation. You should see the excellent process he used! Ask him to see a copy of the final product he produced! Even though we paid him quite a bit for this work, we always got back much greater value than what we felt we bought! Our staff and the participants in our program from the schools were very pleased with Barry's work and support. Hiring Barry was one of my smartest decisions and I continually recommend him to other educators I meet." - Ms. Zoe Windley, TxBESS Program Coordinator, ESC Region XI, Fort Worth, Texas.

* Rhode Island Department of Education - "Once again, Barry, we want to thank you for your work with us and for facilitating the first meeting of the Task Force for development of the 'Rhode Island Beginning Teacher Program Standards'. Thanks too for your continued support and advice. Your advice and direction have proved critical to our success! That guidance has helped us to create a successful framework for our state and for all of our districts' programs." - Kathy Rainone & Paula Akers, Office of Teacher Preparation, Certification, and Professional Development, R.I.D.E.

* Prince Georges County Public Schools in Maryland, "We found out in late April, that a grant was becoming available to support design and implementation of a new teacher induction program and mentor training for our district's 158 schools. We also learned that we had to implement the new program that September! We turned to Barry Sweeny to help us accomplish the impossible and to do so elegantly. Believe it or not, with Barry's help we had a good induction program designed using a collaborative process and the initial group of mentors were trained by the end of June. He showed us how to train more ourselves and we were ready to start in August. Since then we have had to proceed more slowly with implementation, but Barry's guidance provided us the expertise and direction we needed for a successful start." - Esther Harding, Director of Staff Development

"Barry has become a critical resource for my success in positive program development. I couldn't be more pleased with his work & assistance to us." -Richard Majka, Asst. Supt. for Administration, Unit School District 46, Elgin, IL

* "Wireless Mentoring", Education Career Alternatives Program, Fort Worth Texas. "Our project is a federally funded grant to explore use of Palm Pilots, email, online chat & discussion groups, online forums, and other online resources for improved mentoring of alternative certification interns. Barry is one of two mentoring experts we employed to help us plan and develop the details of this project, and to facilitate many of the project's components. His expertise has been clear from the start and is highly valued. His guidance for problem solving has been especially important, and his leadership has led to very successful forums for supporting our mentors. Most recently, he has provided us with a fabulous data base of over 130 computer files which we have placed on the web site to provide 24/7 support and advice on dozens of critical topics for our mentors and interns. We sincerely appreciate his contributions. It is a pleasure having Barry as a part of this project." - Sheryl Woods, Principal Investigator, ECAP.

"Thanks Barry, for a most effective kickoff session . The next day the chair person came in a gave me a hug and said 'Thank you for bringing in Barry to lead us.' Now, how's that for positive feed back ! We are ALL pleased with the process you have suggested and look forward to working further with you in it." - Dr. Lori Davis, Asst. Supt. Kaneland School District 302, Maple Park, IL.


"Barry, thanks for what you have done for our district and our mentor program. We've had the program for 10 years and felt proud of what we have accomplished. However, your expertise and mentoring materials gave us the jump start we needed to revitalize us. Our strongest mentors have once again become "mentor magnets" attracting other veteran teachers into the ranks of new teacher advocates. (PS. I love that term "mentor magnets"! It says just what we want it to be.) - Sandy Nobles, Director of Instructional Initiatives, Richardson ISD, Texas.

"We found Barry Sweeny right at the point when we were trying to figure out how to improve our mentoring program to make it a full induction program. Barry's wonderful advice and materials were invaluable to us in this challenging transformation. We especially love his mentoring styles inventory and mentor training ideas!" - Sharon Mullen, Staff Development Department, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, December 1999.

"We have used Barry Sweeny's expertise and advice a number of times over several years to support our on-going work to improve our professional development programs. Specifically, Barry has successfully consulted with us on development & integration of our Mentoring, Induction, Peer Coaching, & Collegial Evaluation Programs (CEP). He has also advised us on the best ways to seek a waiver from the State Board to allow using our CEP as an alternative to typical teacher evaluation. Barry helped us in contract renegotiations to incorporate these programs, and he has provided two coaching trainings for our staff. The support and direction Barry has previously provided us years ago, led us this past year to use him again to consult on ways to increase the impact of the mentoring and induction programs on teaching and student learning." - Dr. Jim Gallagher, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Bremen High School District 228, Midlothian, IL.

"Your organization and dedication are exceptional . Your patience and positive spirit was most inspirational and I am personally grateful for your charts and suggestions for our work, they certainly made my program and school improvement task much easier." -Carole Pyle, Curric. & Instruction Coordinator, Cass School District, Cass. IL

"Barry, you really were helpful ! You quickly established rapport with our entire group & smoothly steered us into the new line of thinking that we needed to improve our program. You did just what we hoped you would." - Terry Sullivan, Staff Development Leader, Danbury Schools, Danbury, Connecticut

"Barry, we so appreciate your extensive knowledge of assessment, curriculum, school improvement, staff development and, what may be most valuable, your common sense, practical approach to helping us solve our own problems. I am impressed with your ability in handling the tough task we gave you. Thanks too, for the vision you created in use to make a "higher impact." - Maureen McKeough, Dir. Staff Dev./Assessment, Schaumburg Sch. Distr. 54, Schaumburg, IL

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