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Note - This page provides information about training & presentations for developing high impact programs, not about consulting.
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1. "Characteristics of High Impact Mentoring & Induction Programs" -

This is a presentation of information and a few quick activities that can last for one hour, for 1 & 1/2 hours, or for two hours or more. The presentation helps you to analyze your program's purposes and to decide what each component of your program should be like to effectively accomplish those purposes.

There are two variations for this presentation, one designed for participants in an existing program, and one for people planning or just beginning the program. It is better by far not to mix these two groups, as the time does not exist to completely please BOTH audiences. In either case, Barry will work with you to adapt his message to fit your specific strengths and needs.

Participant Comments

"Please accept my sincerest thanks for presenting your 'Characteristics of Effective Mentoring Programs' at our April 30, 1998 spring meeting. You were such a pro, I was very impressed. You were upbeat and so organized in your presentation skills that I know the audience was genuinely engaged with you. Thanks for such magnificent work." Guy Todnem, President, Illinois Staff Development Council.

"We brought in Barry to do the keynote for our kickoff meeting because of a referral by Sandra Odell, a mentoring expert I knew. Also, our state had finally received federal funding to begin a state wide induction initiative. We wanted to be sure that the instructional leaders in every one of the districts in our region had a vision of what was possible when induction and mentoring are done well. We were so pleased with Barry's message and work that I invited him back. We asked him to consult with us on our original program grant proposal. We worked with him for six additional days to train and mentor our two new program coordinators, and we had him design our new program's evaluation process." - Eileen Reed, Education Service Center Region XIII, Austin, Texas.

" Thanks so much for your presentation to the Association of Teacher Educators Induction Group in Los Angeles. It was so on-target! We've had so many positive comments that we would like you to be our keynoter next year in Atlanta." - Dr. Leslie Huling-Austin , Assistant Dean, South West Texas State. Univ. San Marcos, Texas

"Barry, thanks for your keynote address at our recent 'Mentoring is More Than You Think' conference. Thanks too, for the heroic effort you made to arrive here on time after all the airline delays. We needed a great beginning for the conference and an inspiring vision of greater potential for mentoring to support our conference theme. In both ways, you met the challenge!" - Director of Staff Development, Burlington-Alamance Counties School System, North Carolina.

2. "How to Develop, Evaluate & Improve a Teacher Induction Program so it Delivers a Higher Impact"

Background Information

This is the SAME workshop provided in the Best Practice Teacher Mentoring & Induction Conferences which Barry Sweeny sponsors several times each year at locations around the USA.

What Are the Training Format Options?

Depending on your goals and the prior experience of your staff, this topic can be addressed as either:

Call or to discuss your needs.

Description of the Content

No matter how effective it is, mentoring by itself is not adequate to produce the quality of teachers we need in schools today. This is especially true if your mentors are also full time teachers themselves. For the most powerful impact on new teacher instruction and on their students, you need a comprehensive INDUCTION PROGRAM within which mentoring is one of seven induction program strategies.

Participants in this training will:

You will learn how to develop an induction program that will effectively address the needs of beginning teachers and help them to succeed, promote their professional growth and effectiveness, and improve teaching and student learning.

Participant Comments About Barry's Program Development Trainings:

"Thanks again for the mentoring & induction program workshop last week. It was fantastic and I learned so much. Given what I already knew about working with new teachers, that says a lot! I also appreciated the specific guidance you provided and the reflection and action planning time we had. I am ready now to lead our district's program in our next steps." - Sandy Nobels, Mentor Program Coordinator, Richardson ISD, Richardson, Texas.

" Until I attended this training, we didn't even understand what problems we might face because of how we run our program. Barry's vast experience will be a real life saver and time saver for us! Now, we know how to solve the problems and to improve our program's results." - E. A. Sundermeyer, Ohio.

"We did this training expecting to receive help on improving our program's recruitment and retention of new teachers. We got that AND so much more than we expected. Barry's vision and experience helped us to see the much greater potential of our program, and how to actually promote the professional development of all involved teachers and their students! We are really fired up to make a bigger difference in our district. Thanks!" - Mentor Program Coordinator, in central Ohio.

"I am amazed at what we have learned! We never really expected to do much more than just help new teachers get off to a strong start in their careers. I also realize now that we never had a clear idea of what an effective mentoring AND induction program looks like. We have just been assigning mentors and doing the best we can to train them. Well, it was a good start. Now that we know what to do, I am very confident we can achieve much more. I am so glad we were able to provide this experience for our mentoring leadership committee!" - Mentor Program Committee member, Kansas.

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