What Should Be the Configuration of the Mentoring Support ?
By Barry Sweeny, 2003

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One-on-One Mentoring?

Team With One Responsible Mentor?

Team Mentoring?

  • The ìClassicî expected way
  • Limits support to the strengths of one mentor
  • Requires training to assure development of the ìidealîmentor who can do it all
  • May not address all of the protegeís needs
  • The best of BOTH models
  • Provides strengths of a diverse team
  • Provides clear responsibility for ensuring the protegeís needs are addressed and met
  • Requires training for the mentor who is ìresponsibleî
  • Models collaborative team norms
  • Provides strengths of a diverse team to help
  • Models the desired team collaboration
  • May allow protege to ìfall through the cracksî since no one person is responsible to check if the protege's needs are met

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