The 15 Awards

Earned for the Best Practice Resources Web Site!

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1. "Congratulations! You have won my Award for Excellence for your web site. It's pleasing to the eye, well-organized, easy to navigate, and I recognize the hard work you have put into it."

2. "Congratulations!!! Your site has qualified for te WGB Outstanding Web Site Award. We found you to have a very nice site with good design, it' well presented and it's easy to navigate in."

3. "Your site has won our First Place Award, which we give to only the best sites which also provide free stuff. Your site certainly meets our technical and "free stuff" standards for this award. Thanks for helping to keep pure the original idea of the Internet."


4. "We visited your web site and really enjoyed surfing it. You have done a nice job of designing and implementing it. You have earned our Award of Excellence for web page design. Congratulations!"

5. "We found your site to be well done and deserving of our Award. Congratulations! Display the award with pride. Yours is a 'Best Page'."

6. "Your web site has won our "Attention Grabbing Site" Award. You did a nice job of designing an interesting site."

7. "Congratulations! Your site has won the "Community Service on the Internet" Award. It really makes a contribution & I enjoyed your site very much. A job well done."

8. "Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the "Golden Cone Award" for Outstanding Quality! All of use here at Piney Mountain would like to thank you for your web site. I have visited the site and think it certainly deserves our award. It is a good quality site.

9. "The Silver Award is issued to sites which gain between 41 and 60 points. That means that the site has to surprise us with it's quality. It is a difficult award to win. Your work has been given the Silver Award for it's outstanding quality. No doubt you will receive many awards for a site of this nature."

- (Sorry, as of March 25, 1999 the link does not work.)

10. "Your site was reviewed for originality, usefulness of information, and graphic design. It was found to have outstanding artistic flair, carefull and concise design, & a wealth of Information! We give your site our award because it enhances the originality of the Internet community. Well done!"

11. "Congratulations! You have been awarded the CyberCortex Interactive Award for providing a web site that makes excellent use of interactive elements."


12. "I bet you never thought of your web site as "Non-toxic" but I do! Well, you have won my award. I have visited your site and its great. I don't give this award lightly. Your site is not only technically functional but you are making a difference. Thanks for being meaningful , empathetic and aware of the real world as well as the cyber world."


You have won the Zone's 'Net Knowledge Award' which is for your web site and your effort to promote education on the Internet."


14. "Congratulations on designing an excellent web site! I reviewed your site and was very impressed so I am giving you my Award for Web Site Excellence"!

Terras World -

15. Congratulations Barry! I reviewed your site & it has passed my test. I have rated it 4 STARS, which is very good work! Your site was easy to navigate, quick loading, and has no broken links. Your site has been listed in my "Best of the Web Award Winners" section for February 1999. Once again congratulations on a job well done."

- David "Sid" Joy,

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