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Standards for Evaluation of Attaining Program Purposes

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The following was written by Barry Sweeny, and was recommended to the Illinois State Board of Education "Teacher Induction Advisory Panel" in 1997. The recommendations of that panel have been approved by the Illinois State Board and submitted to the state legislature. As of this writing (Feb 1999) this work remains just a proposal.

Indicators of Quality:
1. All of the district's major induction program literature, such as a mentor training manual, contains a statement of the induction program's purposes.

2. The district's induction program's purposes are aligned with and supportive of:

3. The induction program purposes address the unique needs of beginning teachers as distinguished from teachers with experience but new to a school or district.

4. The needs of beginning teachers are periodically assessed and the induction program's purposes are reviewed for the extent to which they address those needs.

5. Each program purpose is specifically implemented through at least one program activity.

6. The program's purposes are continually used to evaluate the potential effectiveness of program decisions.

7. There is an annual evaluation of the extent to which the program's purposes are attained, and year-to-year monitoring of progress toward those purposes.

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