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must be answered based on local needs & purposeS

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A. What are the options for mentor program purposes that make the most sense for our beginning teachers and local needs as a district? (See elsewhere in this category for the list of options)

B. Which combination of purposes will address the needs we have identified?

C. Permanence? Will our program's purposes:

D. Are the different purposes we have chosen for the induction program complimentary to each other, or counter to each other?

E. Do our mentor program purposes compliment the purposes of other improvement efforts and not conflict with those other purposes?

F. What components for our mentor program are necessary to accomplish our purposes?

G. Can several program components address the same purposes? (It is possible, but is that what you want?)

H. Given our purposes, who is to be mentored? Who should be the mentors?

I. What can we design into mentoring that will promote effective teaching & learning?

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