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Proposed State Induction Program Purpose

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The following was written by Barry Sweeny, and was recommended to the State Board of Education "Teacher Induction Advisory Panel" in 1997. The recommendations of that panel have been approved by the State Board and submitted to the state legislature. As of this writing (Feb 1999) this work remains just a proposal.

Proposal: An Illinois Induction Initiative Program Purpose

The purpose of the Illinois Induction Initiative is to ensure quality instruction that maximizes the learning of Illinois students.

The Illinois Induction Initiative will seek to accomplish this purpose by:



Each district's induction program shall have a clearly defined set of program purposes, clear and logical relationships between those purposes and the program's activities and components, and a system of annual program evaluation to guide on-going refinement of the program to better accomplish its purposes.

In the world of public education, resources are scarce. The public has stated clear expectations for productive stewardship of the resources invested in education, and the need to attain worthwhile program results. Even though the process of beginning teacher induction is known to be critical to the success and retention of those beginning teachers, the induction program must be able to earn the continued support of decision makers because it can demonstrate that the purposes of the program are being accomplished. Therefore, it is imperative that each district's induction program be designed with a clearly defined set of purposes, and as system that can be carefully and periodically evaluated, continuously improved, and accountable for the resources it receives.

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