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Programs that Match & Support Your Program Purposes

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1. First list each of your program purposes, one at the top of each of the green columns labeled "Purposes".

2. In the yellow column, list the induction program activities that you plan. Consider activities such as orientation week, a new teacher manual, providing a mentor, and new teacher seminars. Refer to the web page in this section on program components for more ideas.

3. Next, decide how each activity can be done to support as many of the program's purposes as seem appropriate. Write key words in each of the boxes for how the activity will contribute to each purpose. Every purpose should have several activities to support it.

NOTE: Consider this effort to be tentative. After you have gone through this web site, you will know a great deal more than you do now, and your sense of what is right on this chart now will have changed. Get a start now, but expect it to evolve over time as you learn. You can't rush development and learning. Just follow the process set up in this web site and you WILL get there.

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