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Miami Beach and the Design District are so filled with fun there is no time to sleep during this newly-minted December weekend. Art Basel and the related fairs, parties and gallery happenings are running around the clock so our game plan for December 2 through 5 promises to help you strategically navigate your way to the best of the best!

Here is your four day brief: View art, nibble food, sip wine, see, be seen, repeat.

Julian Lennon, Perry Farrell, Shepard Fairey and a host of clunky shoe wearing celebrities prowl the streets in search of art world cred or a chance to romance a rail thin gallerina at one of the quirky after hours parties. Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon is hosting a celebrity ping pong tourney poolside at the Delano Hotel. With statues made of chewing gum and taxidermy sheep that weep as you walk on by, the collected works of art are interesting and challenging and just plain weird.

If the dress code at this standing-room-only Cuban cafe seems vastly improved, it's because they're taking 10% off the check for Art Basel delegates. Have a cafe con leche and spicy eggs "perico" with the glitterati and save!

When your hand-crafted pizza pairs with a chilled prosecco and a perfectly charred eggplant caponata, you're as close to Milano as you might get and still be on South Beach. Sosta serves oven baked pies with true elan on the sunny sidewalks of the pedestrian mall by day and by night.

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