Mentoring in a Specific Subject or Grade Level

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Those books with prices given are available from Open University Press, 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007-1598, 1-800-821-8312 or (215)785-5800. The other information and articles have their sources labeled.


- Beginning Teaching: Beginning Learning in Primary Education, J. Moyles, ed. (1995). The relationships between teacher learning how to teach at the primary level and the needs of primary children as learners. Paperback is $22.95, 288 pages.

- Mentoring and Developing Practice in Primary Schools, by A. Edwards & J. Collison, (1996). Focused especially on student teachers but useful for begginning teachers too. Paperback is $25.95, 192 pages.


- See Teaching and Learning History (below)

- The Good Mentor Guide: Initial Teacher Education in Secondary Schools, by V. Brooks & P. Sikes, (1997). This book is directly aimed at helping mentors with this role. Includes discussion of roles of mentors, Mentoring program models, what good mentoring is like, mentoring strategies, mentoring and assessment of new teachers, and case studies of mentoring. Paperback is $23.95, 160 pages.

- Factors to be Considered in the Preparation of Secondary Teachers. by Leslie Hulling, (1982). Journal of Teacher Education, 33 (1).


- Teaching and Learning History: J. Arthur, J. Davison, & D. Frost, (1997). This book discusses mentoring, induction and staff development, in a secondardy school setting for history teachers. Include issues like How is teaching history different from other subjects?, How can department chairs be mentors too?, What role should mentors play in appraisal of student teachers? of beginning teachers? Paperback is $27.95, 192 pages.


- Developing English Teachers: The Role of Mentorship in a Reflective Profession, by A. Goodwin, (1997). This books is focused on student teachers and beginning teachers too. A key issue is how the work as a mentor promotes the professional development of the mentor, especially where the mentoring emphasizes reflective practices. Paperback is $24.95, 160 pages.


- Mentoring for Science Teachers, T. Allsop & A. Benson, eds. (1997). Uses case studies and the Oxford University "Science Internship Scheme" to discuss how new teachers of science should be supported in a university's school-based teacher development program. Paperback is $24.95, 128 pages.

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