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Virginia - Prior to 1991 Virginia had the Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP). The program required the assessment of teachers based on a very prescriptive set of general teaching competencies. See Terry, J.N., Magliaro, S. & McLaughlin, R.A. (1989). Teaching and Learning to Teach: The Two Roles of Beginning Teachers". Elementary school Journal, 89:4 (March), 471-494. This presents a set of cases and a description of an induction program in Virginia with 70 mentoring pairs from one school system.

In 1991 the Virginia General Assembly repealed the act that supported the BTAP, replacing its very prescriptive Beginning Teacher Assistance Program with a less prescriptive mentor teacher pilot program. The Virginia State Dept. of Education pilots were competitive grants awarded to about 30 school districts in the 1991-92 school year. It was the SDE's intention to evaluate the mentor program pilots and to use those results to develop a state-wide mentoring program. to be ready by the 1992-93 school year.

The Virginia program does provide money to support school mentoring programs.

As a side note, by 1991 graduates of the School of Education at George Mason University have been placed in Professional Development Schools in Virginia.

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