Rhode Island

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Updated March 16, 1998

Rhode Island -

Rhode Island may be the only state which seems to have never implemented either a new teacher mentoring or induction program, or a beginning teacher evaluation program of some kind. The state has, however, provided some grant funds to help selected existing district beginning teacher programs evaluate their effectiveness. This suggests that there is some interest at the state level in the effects of mentoring programs on teaching and learning, a hopeful sign.

For information about one such district which has received state grant funds, see Wollman-Bonilla, J. (1997). "Mentoring is a Two-Way Street". Journal of Staff Development. (18) 3, pages 50-52., which describes one such local program. The program is the Collegial Support System of the Barrington, Rhode Island Public Schools near Providence. That particular mentoring program was begun in 1991 to increase the level of support for new teachers buy experienced veteran teachers. The "Two Way Street" article is a report by an university researcher of the findings from a study of this district's experience.

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