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Updated March 16, 1998

New Mexico - In 1988 the New Mexico State Dept. of Education announced the results of a study of the teacher attrition rates in the state. That research found that, for the period of 1982-87, that teacher attrition was 45.4%. See New Mexico State Dept. of Education (1988). "Preliminary Report: New Mexico Enrollment and Teacher Needs Projections". Santa Fe, NM. The loss of the investment in teacher recruitment, hiring, and development experienced in New Mexico is confirmed by many other studies of teacher attrition across the USA.

By 1991 New Mexico was calling for schools to provide mentoring assistance to beginning teachers but no state funding was made available to support that effort. The State Board of Education adopted four induction models but allowed districts to develop their own approach. New Mexico grants first year teachers a three year certificate. The "New Educator Support Program" requires that these new teachers must receive support for up to 3 years from mentoring programs and mentors, until the new teachers can meet at least six of the state's minimum competencies for excellent teaching. When new teacher achieve six competencies they are granted a "Level II Teacher License".

Mentors must be chosen from teachers who already have the state's Level II or Level III teaching license. Mentors are provided local, but state-supported mentor training in how to assist new teacher, in observation and coaching and conferencing skills, in working with adult learners, and in strategies to help new teachers develop skills in the state competencies.

A parallel effort was the requirement that ALL licensed staff had to have a "professional development plan" focused on activities designed to increase the extent to which all teachers meet the state's teaching competencies.

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