New Hampshire

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Updated March 14, 1998

New Hampshire -

In 1990 the state developed four pilot programs for new teacher induction.

By 1991 New Hampshire had budgeted $20,000 to support beginning teacher programs in the districts. At that level of support about 10% of the state's teachers can be involved in mentoring. Local districts must decide their own selection criteria for mentors. Also, while the state recommends that mentors not be involved in summative evaluation of the new teacher, local districts can decide for themselves what they will do on this issue.

The New Hampshire State Department of Education was one of the state agencies that contributed to the development of an extensive mentoring handbook with many resources for program development, mentor training, and advice for mentors and new teachers. This handbook was a collaborative project of the New England states and the Northeastern Regional Laboratory, a federally funded R & D lab for education. In 1992 the handbook was published. See below for info about: Northeast Regional Laboratory. (1992). "Mentoring: A Resource and Training Guide for Educators. Draft Copy". Andover, MA: The Regional Laboratory for Educational Improvement of the Northeast and Islands.

A state contact person for New Hampshire is ...

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