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Updated on March 14, 1998

Maine -

In an act passed in July 1988 a state Beginning Teacher Induction Program (BTIP) was provided to support other state legislation on changes in teacher certification. Beginning Teacher's receive a two year provisional certificate and must participate in the local district's Beginning Teacher Induction Program Induction Program. The BTIP provides new teacher support through a "support team" which works with the new teacher to develop a Teacher Action Plan and to provide professional development to support the implementation of the plan. At the end of the two year probationary time, this team must also evaluate the new teacher to decide whether to recommend the teacher for upgrading to the "Professional Certificate". How the beginning teacher as actually evaluated is not defined by the state, but rather is a decision of each district.

In 1995 the BTIP was still in operation but requirements had been relaxed concerning the mandated use of a support team. Now use of an individual mentor teacher alone was deemed sufficient and was allowed as an option for local districts to consider.

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