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Updated on March 14, 1998

Louisiana -

The Louisiana Teaching Internship Program was implemented in 1990. The system called for six evaluations of the intern by a three member team using the state's "System for Teaching and Learning Assessment and Review "(STAR) evaluation instrument. These six observations were in addition to the regular evaluations by the principal for all probationary teachers.

The use of the performance evaluation aspects of the system were suspended by the legislature in 1991 because the Louisiana teacher associations reported overwhelming problems. Comments included that it was based on a "flawed instrument and procedures" that required "teachers to address 91 items in as little as 30 minutes". The program was reviewed and revised. See Pitsch, M. (1991, May 29). Senate Moving to Revamp La.'s Teacher Evaluation System. Education Week, page 16.

Louisiana implemented a pilot mentor teacher program in 1991-92 which provided a single mentor teacher at each of 24 separate sites across the state. Mentors were selected by local districts based on a set of seven criteria required by the state program. These mentors received $2000 as a stipend for the additional time required and added responsibilities, plus $850 to support attendance at staff development events.

In 1995 Louisiana was developing and field testing a more summative approach to assessment of beginning teachers for purposes of recommending teacher certification after the internship. The planned program is called the Louisiana Intern Teacher Assessment Program.

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