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Updated on March 14, 1998

Kansas -

Originally a formal beginning teacher support program, called the Kansas Internship Program (KIP), was planned for Kansas. In both the 1987-88 and the 1988-89 school years there was some limited state funding for voluntary local pilot mentoring programs. See Kansas State Dept. of Education. (1989). "Internship Program. Topeka, KS: Kansas State Dept. of Education, Certification, Teacher Education, and Accreditation section. The state legislature did not approve state funding for the 1989-90 Kansas Internship Program and so the program was discontinued.

There is still no state sponsored or supported mentoring/induction program in 1998.

A state contact person is Ken Bungert at 913-296-2288.

If you are aware of incorrect statements in this material OR if you can add authoritative new information concerning mentoring and induction in the various United States, please contact Barry Sweeny with that information. His e-mail is

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