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Updated March 14, 1998

Georgia -

The Georgia Beginning Teacher program started in 1980, which makes it one of the first new teacher programs in the United States. Originally, Georgia's approach to new teacher programming emphasized summative beginning teacher assessment that was based on a very detailed set of effective teaching competencies called the "Teacher Performance Assessment Instrument". The program's purpose was to evaluate every new teacher for acceptance for state teacher certification. The program was very high profile and gained national visibility. See Georgia Dept. of Education. (1980). "Teacher Performance Assessment Instruments". Atlanta, GA: Georgia Dept. of Education. Georgia's system was borrowed and then adapted for use in Arizona.

In 1990, however, the State of Georgia discontinued the use of its program for making certification decisions. Part of the reason for halting the program was limited support by a new set of politicians who did not know what the program accomplished and did not approve the funding it took to support the Georgia program.

Georgia still did provide money in the form of competitive grants to support pilot mentoring programs. The state still required the mentoring programs to use a state assessment instrument for assessing teacher competencies.

By 1993 Georgia was providing $750,000 in support for a Teacher Induction/Mentor Teacher Stipends Program. Persons recommended for the role of "Teacher Support Specialist" (mentors) must first be trained, either through university courses or training offered by regional resources centers. Once the teacher has the 10 quarter hours of credit they can be state-certified for their mentoring role. That state certification as a mentor is required for all teachers who will work with student teachers, as mentors for new teachers in their first three years in the profession, as mentors for experienced teachers in a new position, or with "At-Risk" teachers.

Georgia is a member of INTASC, the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium, and eventually intends to use INTASC-like* performance assessments to assess the competency of new teachers.

The Georgia Department of Education web site is at <>.

*INTASC = the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.

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