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Updated on March 14, 1998

Colorado -

Beginning in 1984 this state required a performance evaluation of beginning teachers. The state-mandated induction program in Colorado is called the Colorado Educator's Licensing Program. The program does require mentoring and has been "fully implemented" during 1997. There is no state support for this program so that means there is a wide range in programs, training for mentors, and the quality of support for new teachers in Colorado. The state's approach focused on school districts and so few collaborative partnerships with university/college teacher education programs exist. A few of the BOCES, the state's intermediate service centers do offer induction programs as well. During the first year of implementation Colorado State University developed an assessment component for the program.

Records of meetings for the State Board (SDE) in 1995 show approvals of "Educator Induction Programs" on a district-by-district basis. These same records also show approval of induction programs administered by the BOCES, the intermediate service agencies in Colorado.

The most recent state actions are in Colorado HB 97-1058, passed on June 5, 1997, which adds to the original statutes 22-60 and 22-60.5. The state requires holders of a provisional teacher's license to participate in the district Induction Program, unless the person has already participated in induction under some other license in the state, or if the district has no Induction Program and requires instead participation in staff training, or if the district is exempt from the requirement to have an Induction Program because the SDE has waived the requirement. This shows that while Induction Programs are "required", that some districts still do not have Induction Programs, and that other districts are exempt from the requirement altogether.

Incentives to mentor. Current Colorado law requires all teachers applying for certificate renewal to provide evidence of six semester hours of "renewal credit". One hour of that credit may be earned for serving as a mentor for a student teacher or teacher intern.

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