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Updated march 14, 1998

Alaska -

As of 1998 there is no state-mandated induction or mentoring program for Alaska's schools. The remote locations of many schools, the difficulty of travel, and the geographical size of the state are major challenges to a program that would require collaboration on a large scale.

There are some locally developed and supported mentoring programs in some population centers across the state. There is discussion at the state level about a mentor program, but at this time the possibility of a state mandate is unknown. One local effort is especially worthy of note. The Alaska Staff Development Network, in collaboration with the University of Alaska at Anchorage, and the Anchorage School District, have created the "Alaska Mentor Teacher Program". The AMTP provides a team of three educators to support the novice teacher.

Local districts must develop a evaluation procedure which must be aligned with state guide lines and State Department approved.

A state contact person is Judith Entwife at 907-465-2831.

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