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- I frequently lead 1, 2 and 3 day mentor trainings for school districts and other agencies or businesses. What I can provide is a mentor training that has been refined and proven over 12 years and in dozens of diverse settings. I can schedule one for you. If you plan to conduct your own mentor training but want to see how I do mine, contact me and perhaps I can arrange for you to attend and to observe one of the trainings I am already doing.

- As demand requires I will also sponsor & conduct mentor trainings which are open to anyone and which are not for any specific client. if you are interested in such an event, or keep checking here for an announcement.

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I have trained thousands of mentors and helped hindreds of induction programs. One of the more exciting events that I did was the two day ASCD Professional Development Institute on March 23-24, 2000. titled Mentoring the New Teacher. Below is the program description.

The 100 page handout from that ASCD Institute is for sale as Item #1 on my Publications List.

Mentoring Workshops By Others:

The Annual Conference of the Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD), is held every March . This is a huge conference with many presentations on mentoring. Each year ...

The annual meeting of the Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network, an affiliate of ASCD, is held at the ASCD Annual Conference. The MLRN meeting draws about 100 people from all over North America and several other countries. Contact ASCD at for conference registration details. Contact the Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network web site for info on their meeting.

At the ASCD Conference in New Orleans on March 23-24, 2000 Barry Sweeny was employed to lead a two day Professional Development Institute. That institte was titled Mentoring the New Teacher. I can provide this and many other mentoring and induction trainings and presentations, as well as consultation for YOU. Just click here to . Here is the description of that ASCD Institute:

Mentoring of new teachers has swept the educational world but not all state and local programs are successful. What are the success strategies that help a few organizations to develop a program that attains the goals of orienting and supporting new teachers and ALSO improves teaching, student learning, and the culture of the school? This institute will show you the program structures and strategies that you need to incorporate into a new program or to use to transform an existing mentoring program so it will realize this kind of potential, even on a limited budget.

Participants will learn the best processes for development of a new induction program, for refinement of an existing program, and for on-going evaluation of the program to increase its impact. Discover the best mentor selection and matching criteria and processes, why excellent teachers do not always make excellent mentors, how to train mentoring pairs, and how to support accelerated professional growth for proteges and mentors. Participate in individual, small, and whole group activities to practice and build your skill with the most essential mentoring strategies. Learn the critical role of an effective mentor-protege relationship, find out what the mentor program coordinator's necessary roles are, and see demonstrations of mentoring that will help you establish the norms of the learning community in your school. Discover how to increase the support of decision makers for your program and how to sustain and support the challenging work of mentoring. As a result of this institute you will have a comprehensive understanding of best practices for each aspect of an effective induction program, the mentoring process, and how to use induction to facilitate the increased success of new teachers, their mentors, and their students.

The Annual Best Practice Teacher Mentoring & Induction Conference:

This annual conference has been sponsored by Best Practice Resources and presents Barry Sweeny, internationally know mentoring expert. Barry provides a three to four day conference that includes workshops on "How to develop a High Impact Induction Program", "Mentor Training the Trainers", and "Mentor Coordinator Strategies" workshop. Click here for all the details and pictures and testimonials from past conference participants.

The Annual Conference of the Association of Teacher Educators has some sessions on mentoring and induction, and a Teacher Induction Special Interest Group (SIG). This year the conference is held on the weekend and Monday thru Wednesday of February 14th every year. Go to ATE web site.

The Annual Conference of the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) includes several sessions by persons sharing their experience and lessons learned in mentoring and induction. This year the conference is in Washington D.C. on December 5-9, 1998. Contact NSDC at-

The NSDC conference always includes at least 10 sessions on mentoring and induction of new teachers every year. PLUS there is always a meeting of the....

NSDC Mentoring Applications Network on the Sunday, afternoon of the conference from 3:30-5 PM. Contact Ray Dagenais, network facilitator, at (630) 851-8838 or on e-mail

Diversity in Mentoring is an annual conference of people primarily interested in mentoring at the university level and in business, especially regarding the issue of diversity. There are a few k-12 presentations and folks who attend. This conference has been held every year since 1988 and has taken on a role as one of the major opportunities for mentoring affectionados to meet and to confer. The conference is usually in April and is sponsored by the Office of Conferences & Institutes, Division of Continuing Educ. Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5161. They may be contacted at (616) 387-4174 or by e-mail at .