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How can we use the internet, computers, and other technologies to assist us in our work with mentoring new teachers and each other? This is an emerging aspect of mentoring which holds great promise, especially for people in remote settings. Here are the resources and tools we have found so far. Let us know of others that you know about. Check back here periodically to see other new resources as we find them.

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NOTE: More on telementoring in a category of that name.

Basically, telementoring is electronic mentoring which uses e-mail, videoconferencing, and other technologies to connect the mentor and the protege for conversation about the needs of the protege and assistance from the mentor. If you want more information about telementoring, we recommend that you return to the Mentoring Information Categories List and look there for "TeleMentoring" which is elsewhere on this web site. The "TeleMentoring" page has a number of links to telementoring programs and additional information about telementoring.

One very good telementoring site is the H-P E-Mail Mentor Program. It is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, the technology company. This telementoring program links H-P employees from all over the world to students and teachers in the United States. Visit this site to see how a telementoring program is organized, the program's purposes, the sign-up process and forms, newsletters, etc. Also, you can sign up on this site to get yourself a mentor, especially if you are a teacher needing assistance with the use of technology in your school. The H-P E-Mail Mentor Program web site is at<http://www.telementor.org/hp>.

Mentoring Software

This software is available from John Ingram, at 1-900-522-1500. It is called "Personal Portfolio of Professional Development" and is available for Mac or PC platforms for $54.95 plus $5 for shipping and handling. While this contains many of the things that a paper-based professional portfolio does, this is an electronic format for easy entry and revision of any portfolio element, and it can be adapted to your needs. The software can run on the internet so it is a perfect tool to supplement telementoring.

Video Tapes:

Mentoring to Improve Schools,
TO BE published by ASCD ABOUT APRIL 1999. ASCD is at, 1703 N. Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. A set of 2 video tapes, including 1 tape on "Mentoring & Induction Programs" (how to develop and/or refine them) and another tape on "Mentoring Practices" (how to facilitate the growth of others, the mentoring process, etc.). The set costs$??? for ASCD members and $??? for non-members. Includes a Facilitator's Guide with overheads and materials for 7 workshops that build on the videos. Barry Sweeny, the author of this web site, was the principal consultant for the videos and the author of the Facilitator's Guide. Reach ASCD at www.ascd.org

Gaston County New Teacher Induction Program, by Harry K. Wong Publications, 1030 W. Maude Ave. #507, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, Fax (408) 732-2206

Mentoring The New Teacher, by ASCD, 1703 N. Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. A set of 9 video tapes, including 1 overview tape and 8 others, each using a case study to focus on mentor support for learning to solve the 8 most common problems of new teachers. The set costs$685 for ASCD members and $785 for non-members. Includes a Facilitator's Guide and 2 ASCD books on mentoring. Reach ASCD at www.ascd.org

What Matters Most: Teaching for America's Future is a video about the work and recommendations of the National Commission on Teaching & America's Future, which includes the NCATE work called the "Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium" (INSTASC). These standards include preservice teacher education program standards, teacher internship and initial license standards, induction process standards, certification standards, and on-going certificate maintenance and advanced certificate standards. All of this is explained in the video, What Matters Most: Teaching for America's Future which is available from NCTAF for $15, at PO Box 5239, Woodbridge, VA 22194-5239 (212)678-3204.

Reflective Teaching, is a Training Manual ($27.50), Participant Guide ($3), and video tape ($35) which models the use of the materials. The set was developed to provide preservice teachers with teaching experiences before their student teaching. A laboratory approach is used to give the preservice students this prior teaching experience. The set is from Phi Delta Kappa, 8th & Union, PO Box 789, Bloomington, IN 47402-0789.

Strategies for Classroom Management, A set of videos with Pam Robbins and Pat Wolfe for $390 from NSDC. Includes tapes on developing rules, giving clear directions, using transition time, and creating a positive classroom climate. Ideal for staff development of new teachers.

Teaching Episodes, a binder with 19 vignettes for practicising classroom observations. Script is included. Cost is $300 from NSCD. Great for mentor and peer coaching or administrator trainings. (See NSDC information under organizations above.)

Audio Tapes:

- Induction: Helping Beginning Teachers Become Successful Professional Educators, by Harry Wong, taped at an NSDC annual conference. Includes discussion of three model induction programs. Available for $20 from NSDC. http://www.nsdc.org

The Art and Skill of Mentoring, is a 2 cassette set of audio tapes from the 1995 National Staff Development Council Annual Conference in Chicago Illinois. Pam Robbins is the presenter and she is one of the best in peer coaching and mentoring. These tapes explore the range of mentoring roles and activities, suggest ways to find mentoring time, review strategies to build administrative support, and provide tips to enhance the mentor-protege relationship. The tapes are $15 for NSDC members and $18 for non-members. Add $6 for shipping of $16 for express delivery. Order these tapes with item # 5985-33 from National Cassette Services, 613 N. Commerce Ave., Front Royal, Virginia, 22630, or by phone at (540)635-4181 X 223 or fax (540)636-4240.

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