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A Brief Bibliography of Some of the Very Best Mentoring Books
Major "Theme" Issues of Educational Journals on Mentoring & Induction
"Mentoring Teachers" a summer 1988 theme issue of Theory Into Practice. Published by College of Education, Ohio State University, 174 Arps Hall, 1945 High St. Columbus, OH 43210. Contains 11 articles with lots of good information on more cutting-edge mentoring practices such as mentoring as inquiry, use of case studies, etc.
How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed. Written by Stephen Gordon and published by ASCD in 1991. Costs $6.96 Includes beginning teacher needs, how mentor programs target the needs, provision of assistance, etc. Access ASCD at http://www.ascd.org or (703) 549-9110
A Knowledge-Base of Best Practices For New Teacher Mentoring & Induction, by Barry Sweeny. This resource is a three page summary of all the major issues and the implications of your decisions about each. The "Knowledge-Base" is available on Barry's personal web site (RSOD) which has a link on the Mentor Center Home Page.
Mentoring: Contemporary Principles & Issues, by Assn. of Teacher Educators (ATE) 1990, Assn. Dr. Suite ATE, Reston, VA 22091. Lots of help for program design, and how to mentor.
Assisting the Beginning Teacher, by ATE, 1989, Assn. Dr. Suite ATE, Reston, VA 22091. Great info on developing a program, benefits, evaluation of mentoring programs, and descriptions of selected beginning teacher assistance programs.
Teacher Induction: A New Beginning. (1987). D.M. Brooks (ed.) Assn. of Teacher Educators (ATE). Reston, VA. Has Chapters on Teacher Induction as a Part of the Bigger Picture, Local Programs, State Programs, the Role of Universities and professional Organizations, Rationale & Issues. This book is out of print but is available in many university and other professional libraries.

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